Exclusive interview with Jim

May 2017

K&M:  We are really missing some new Jim McGorman music, are you working on  any new songs?

Jim:  I am! Though writing for other artists takes up most of my time, I have been working on some new material. I’m not sure whether I will release it as a solo artist or in a band. I have been talking to a  few friends, and we have been tossing around the idea of starting a new band - so, that is exciting! Hopefully, it will come to fruition.

K&M:  What bands/artists are you listening to these days?  Any new up and  coming artists peak your interest?

Jim:  Bastille, The Blossoms.

K&M:  Over the past year or so you have participated in a number of  @CokeMusic #Periscope live videos.  Any chance in the near future you will  dedicate one of the show to performing Jim McGorman music?

Jim:  Not sure about that.

K&M:  As a music producer, what artists are currently working with you at  this time?

Jim:  I am just wrapping production on a new album for Marc Broussard and just finished an EP for Jake Fields. I am extremely proud of both of those. Also working with Remington Jones, Drew Arcoleo, Foxes & Lions, Chyyanna Lee and writing songs with Laura Michelle. I also recently helped out a very talented 16 year old named Matt Bryson. He is a family friend and wrote all the songs and played almost all of the instruments on an EP that I helped him produce.

K&M:  It's pretty cool to see you back onstage playing at Lucky Strike Live  with Steve Ferlazzo and Steve Fekete. The cover songs you perform at the  different shows, do you need to rehearse in advance?

Jim:  Usually there is no rehearsal. For the very first show, we were going to rehearse Sowing The Seeds of Love, since that song is a monster - but, we didn’t end up having time. It worked out fine without it. :)

K&M: Carrying on from the previous question,  how do you decide which cover  songs to perform?  (Given that everyone many have different musical tastes/interests)

Jim:  For Lucky Strike, they have only repeated one song twice (which was due to the Prince tribute). So, it’s challenging to pick songs that they have not played before. But, we just pick them at random - songs that inspire us, and that we feel will be fun to perform.

K&M:  On your newly revamped website,  we  were pleased to  see new music from Flashback Reunion,  great new songs!  Can you tell us more about the project, who is in the band and future plans for more music or live shows?

Jim:  Flashback is a project that Chris Thompson and I worked on: geared towards writing cinematic songs that we felt could be used in TV and Film. It’s basically an excuse for the two of us to work together and have fun.

K&M:  We noted that you worked in studio with Kenny Wayne Shepherd in January.   What was it like to work with him?

Jim:  It was a great album experience. Marshall Altman produced the album, and it was really great to be back making records with him. He is old school and almost always has the band tracking live at the same time. There were some overdubs of course, but the bulk of the time was spent with five guys playing and singing at the same time - live in the studio. We made the record in Shreveport, LA - which was a fun experience.

K&M:  Together with Steve Fekete, you did a few corporate shows for Gwen Stefani.  We assume it's just a casual thing at the moment, but would you consider touring with her?

Jim:  Sure!

K&M:  Speaking of which, do you miss touring? Hard to imagine, but maybe you  do?

Jim:  There are a few things I miss about touring, but by and large I am very happy to be stationary for a while. From 1997 - 2015 I did so much traveling/touring - and it’s really nice to be around with my family.

The rest of the questions are on the topic of music videos, something we always wanted to ask you!

K&M: It appears that YouTube has totally marginalized not only MTV but it  also iTunes and radio (not even mentioning CDs). Your take on that?

Jim:  In all honesty, I don’t watch a ton of videos - so, my answers may be lame. I like to listen to music with headphones on with my eyes closed. That way, nothing gets in the way of the music and I can really hear the production best. That being said, I’ll give these a shot.

I’m still fascinated by YouTube and it’s power. I am constantly amazed at the number of great artists and songs people turn me on to - for artists that I have never heard of, yet they all have a following. It really is an amazing things. The downside is how little people and companies pay for music. The internet has really decimated the music business, and it makes it much harder for artists and musicians to make a decent living.

Your favourite music video of all time and why? Obviously the first one that comes to mind. Or two or three.

Jim:  I think OK Go makes incredible videos. They are works of art. Always stretching their creativity and always fun. They set the bar for anyone making a music video.

K&M:  Conversely, the worst music video?

Jim:  No idea

K&M: Which music video immensely helped a mediocre song (not talking novelty videos like Gangnam Style or of course, Pants On The Ground :cP)

Jim:  Great question. I’d have to think about that one.

K&M:  Which video ruined a great song for you, if at all?

Jim:  A great song can never be ruined

K&M:  Which decade had the best videos?

Jim:  The 80’s of course!!!!

K&M:  Your father, Jim McGorman, is a renowned director of commercials and music films. How come you never did a music video with him? Do you plan to  do it sometimes in the future?

Jim:  We have talked about it for years, but for some reason it has not materialized. Maybe it’s time for me to start bugging him again :)

K&M:  When The World is Falling Down was released in 2006 when YouTube was just an obscure video sharing website. Had it been the media behemoth it is today, would you have released a video then and what song (s)?

Jim:  Possibly. Maybe The World Is Falling Down or California. I always liked that one.

K&M:  Your project with the Steves (Ferlazzo and Fekete) and Michelle Featherstone, The Awesomeness, had a pretty awesome (pun intended!) photoshoot as part of the promotion. Why didn't you make a  video at the same time? It would have been, well... awesome!

Jim:  It’s funny - a lot of people still talk about The Awesomeness and what it could have been. This was back when Chromeo was just getting started and I often owned what we could have done had we pursued it and taken it a little more seriously. It was an incredibly fun album to make and the few gigs we did were pretty special. We actually started working on a video while the Steve’s and I were eon tour with Avril in 2011, but we never got around to finishing it. Life got in the way.

 You've shot music videos with Avril Lavigne (The Best Damn Thing);  Cassadee Pope (Wasting All These Tears, I Wish I Could Break Your Heart);  Michelle Branch (Everywhere, All I Wanted); Tall Bachman (If You Sleep), New Radicals... Were they a fun thing to do or hard slog?

Jim:  Fun fact: I was never actually in a music video for New Radicals. I was scheduled to shoot the video for Someday We’ll Know, but I was not able to be in it due to a scheduling conflict with Tal Bachman. They are ok. A lot of waiting around, but it’s fun when they are done and out and you see yourself years later.

K&M:  Lastly, quietly celebrated its 10-year anniversary earlier this year - we went live Jan 29, 2007.  Apart from, "Wow, has it been 10 years???"... anything else you might want to say?

Jim:  That is incredible! For me, it is really special that so much of my work is celebrated and documented. Aside from it being really cool to have a website dedicated to me, it is a great resource for things that I have done that I want to share with people. For many potential gigs and people asking me for a "resume", knowing that is always there, is a blessing.

K&M:  How do you feel about sunfired and what do you think of it?  Please don't thank is. It's a product of our friendship and the love for your musicianship. We really enjoy running it.

Jim:  Over the years, the site has meant different things to me. I have to admit that in the beginning, I was humbled and flattered - to the point that I was a bit unsure of how to feel about it. As most artists and creators, I have insecurities that sometimes get in my way. But, especially since my daughter was born, I have appreciated it even more. It is an amazing thing to have all of the photos, videos, etc. all in one place - and to be able to share those memories with my friends and family is really special. I know you said not to, but please know that I truly appreciate the site and the both of you! Thank you!!!