Updates: Nov 21, 2011 - Jun 30, 2012

June 30th, 2012 Video:  We found another cool video of Jim performing Pumped Up Kicks in Kuala Lumpur in February. Also as a recap, check out the album of photos taken during Jim's performance of the song as well.  Enjoy!

June 24th, 2012: Gallery:  Check it out a cool new Purple Tongue Records promo photo of Jim and his business partner Robb Vallier.  Take a moment and check out Robb's website and learn more about his extensive background as a hit producer and songwriter.  No question Jim and Robb will make an awesome pair in their new business venture! 

June 22nd, 2012 Video:  Watch Jim in studio with Drew Arcoleo, the EPK (making of) The BreakUp!  Also stay tuned for our mid-year interview with Jim, coming soon.  We will be interviewing Jim about his new business venture, Purple Tongue Records! Stay tuned!

June 19th, 2012 News: Download Drew Arcoleo's fabulous new single on Jim's new label Purple Tongue records! Go to the news page to read more about it! :)

Video:  A blast from the past, but absolutely worth posting!   From Summer Sonic, August 2011, HQ video of Jim rockin' out with Avril in Japan to Sk8er Boi.  Go check it out! 

June 14th, 2012 : Video:   A very cool video and we think you'll agree!  From the Rock of Ages movie premiere after party, watch and listen to Jim singing vocals with Bret Michaels and Poison.  He is in the shot most of the time and totally rockin' out!  (Note:  video is in mac format :)

June 10th, 2012: Gallery:  From the Rock of Ages after party in Hollywood, Jim tweeted a very cool photo of him and his buddy Bret Michaels backstage :) 

Also here is another photo courtesy of Jim on stage at the Rock of Ages Movie premiere :) 

And lastly, a new photo of Jim working in the studio.  Thanks to @tomcolontonio for the pic :)

June 8th, 2012 Last night Jim sang on stage with Bret Michaels and Poison during Rock of Ages movie premiere after party in Hollywood.  We have clips from the performance, you can see Jim (very short glimpse but awesome to watch) and it was truly great.  We watch the entire event online Poison really rock and Def Leppard were fabulous as well.  Rock of Ages opens next Friday, June 15th, go out and see it - we will be :)
June 8th, 2012 : We got a little update from Jim so please check our News section again for details on  today's performance with Poison.
June 7th, 2012 :  With Jim dug in the studio, posting an occasional tweet ever so often, you'd think it's hard to find any news. You are damn right! Nevertheless - we did. Check out our News page.

June 2nd, 2012 Video:  From the show "Majors and Minors," a very cool performance of "Wish You Were Here" featuring Jim, Avril and Steve. Enjoy!

Gallery:  A brand new photo has emerged of Jim and Avril from the first Sao Paulo show during The Black Star Tour. And...Jim takes an ice cream break from working in studio with Mikalah Gordon. :)  Have a great weekend!

May 26th, 2012 Video:  We have a pretty awesome video for you today! Clips of Jim from various shows on The Black Star Tour.  We hope you take a moment to watch because we think it is pretty cool and tons of Jim.

Gallery:  Courtesy of @EllaLondonMusic, cool picture of Jim and Ella taken in his studio last weekend.

Also Jim tweeted this last night: Day 2 of rehearsals with @Weezer and @RiversCuomo - the dudes are sounding BADASS! Shows are gonna be SIIIIICK!

May 18th, 2012 Gallery:  Cool new photo of Jim with @Korbeemusic at Jim's Purple Tongue studios during an interview for @InternSushi.  Note: the interview will be part of Inter Sushi "Raw Talent" series coming soon. Please take a moment and visit their website for a preview of their new EP!  Jim has been working with them for awhile now and their music is pretty awesome!

Also...check out four new and unseen photos of Jim with Avril on the float from Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, these ones are HQ too!  A new pic from Y100 Jingle Ball 2011 and two new ones from Brussel during The Best Damn tour here and here.  Enjoy!!

May 17th, 2012 Video:  From Summersonic Festival last August in Tokyo, today we are posting a new video of Jim performing What The Hell with Avril.  Stellar sound, performance and lots of Jim closeups so check it out!

Gallery:  Also check out tons of screen shots from Summersonic as well!!  This one of Jim and Avril is a personal fav of ours :)  Enjoy! 

May 12th, 2012  News: Coming soon debut single "The Breakup" on Jim's new label by new artist Drew Arcoleo!

Video:  Some more good times from The Black Star Tour of Jim and Avril last fall in Edmonton, AB.  The 2:20 mark is definitely worth seeing!  Enjoy! 

And to all the mom's out there, Happy Mother's Day!

May 4rd : Gallery:  More photos from The Black Star Tour from Manila (1, 2, 3)
May 1st : Gallery:  Some new photos from The Black Star Tour from Manila and Kuala Lumpur (labeled 'new'). In addition to that - this blurry one of The Best Damn Band from somewhere (strictly for the record) and this cool one of Jim in a studio (courtesy od @korbeemusic)
April 27th : RIP Phil. This is for you, Kim.  "Keep Holding On" w/ Avril, Malvinas Argentina, Buenos Aires.
April 20th : Video: From the Manila show, a new video that includes medley of songs, great closeup and stellar quality, check it out!

Gallery:  Today we have very cool brand new unseen photo of Jim, with Steve Ferlazzo from the road in Japan in 2008.  Also a fan drew this very nice picture of Jim (we must admit the resemblence is pretty uncanny!).  Plus a few new photos from Manila during The Black Star Tour. We'd like to highlight this awesome black and white picture of Jim and Avril!  

April 17th : Gallery:  Over the weekend Avril hosted a party celebrating end of The Black Star Tour Party, check some really cool pics from the event! We've also added some new photos of Jim in our "Odd and Ends" gallery as well. 

Even more exciting news! Jim recently has completed shooting a music video for his new song "There's No Over You" Here is what Jim has to say about it "I shot a little music video the other night for a ballad I recently wrote."  In anticipation of the new video and song, here is a photo taken on set (thanks to @bekphillips).   Can't wait to hear the new track and see the video!

April 12th :Video: From the April 2nd show of The Voice, check out a way better clip of the band introductions!  Jimmy is there :) 

Gallery:  More photos we have collected from TBST including:  Beijing - (whole page), Guangzhou (the last 2 photos),  Kuala Lumpur Sound Check (last two), Amsterdam (the two photos on the page) and Belo Horizante (one photo).  Enjoy!!

April 11th :Video: There is Jimmy waving during the introduction of the band from NBC The Voice Episode 12!!  Enjoy!
April 09th We were gone for awhile, well... we are back! So without further ado, let's get straight down to business!

News: An update from Jim baby. The main news - he is on The Voice in the next few weeks. Not as contestant!  He's a backup singer.

Video:  We even have a clip of that; and you can sorta see Jim, which is a small miracle in itself, as The Voice ain't Rockstar when it comes to showing the band and the backup singers. They are totally blended with the background.

Gallery:  Here is a collage of that. Is Jim wearing his geeky glasses???
March 16th:Video: Another 2 songs from The Viper Room mini-show (as part of Avril's clothing line accessories launch): "I'm With You" and "My Happy Ending". Gallery: This cool photo from Jim's studio, courtesy of @LauraMichelle26, which made us wonderig: Is Jimmy a Van Halen fan???
March 15th: Some cool updates today. Video: We got the video of the performance w/ Avril in The Viper Room the other day. Today we post "Skater" with a very special moment between Jimmy and Avril at the end. We coudn't help ourselves to preserve it in an animation as well. An eternal hug, init cool? Gallery: Also - a collage of that moment. Lastly, a photo of pretty much starstruck Jim with Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family
March 14th: Video: Jim and The Best Damn Band performed a short acoustic set w/ Avril during the launch of her clothing line Abbey Dawn in The Viper Room in LA. So this is a video with some highlights of that as posted by TooFab. Gallery:  There aren't any photos of that (yet) so we made some screenshots which are crappy, so we also made
 a collage which is a little bit less crappy. Hopefully  we will be able to get a hold of a full video of the performance.

March 12th: Video: Two videos from Kuala Lumpur, albeit same thing:  Jim baby presenting Avril with flowers from the band, which then turns into a party on stage (fear not, Jim is an epitome of professionalism,). Oh, the song is "I Love You". We also have a few new photos from the show (including the aforementioned Jim/Avril moment) as well as a couple from the Kuala Lumpur airport. They are all here (top  row)

March 8th: Gallery:  From The Black Star tour new photos from Lima, Manila (collage and photo), Buenos Aires Graphic, and Jingle Ball Graphics.  Plus we have this very cool cartoon of Jim by @Rafarinha_T - Enjoy :)
March 4th: Gallery:  A gold mine of eye popping professional photos of Jim, Avril and the band from Manila (last two rows).  These are not to be missed, without question, the best photos taken during the Asia tour!  We absolutely love this one of Jim and Avril, and this pic of Jim solo rules!  This candid shot of Avril and Steve Fekete is so fabulous! Enjoy the pics!

February 29th: Gallery:  More photos from Manila have surfaced (last row), so feel free to check those out!  Plus more photos from Kuala Lumpur! (last two shots on the page) Hope you are enjoying all the photos collected so far :) 

Articles: Jim conducted a new interview for Avrilbandaids.com, so we have added this to the articles page.  While you are reading the new interview, feel free to browse our ever growing library of Jim interviews (including sunfired.net exclusives!) and interviews by many others including industry publications! Enjoy!!

February 28th: Gallery:  A bunch of new photos added to our gallery from Guangzhou, China show!  We really like this stage shot of the entire band and Avril,  this action shot of Avril and Jim is pretty sweet too!  Enjoy all the pics!
February 25th: Gallery:  Four new photos from the Kuala Lumpur show. One, two, three aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand especially four where Jim baby is fronting The Best Damn Band (Avril included).

February 24th: Gallery: Check out this new professional photo of Jim added to our Manila gallery! There is also a great one of Steve Ferlazzo too! 

Gear: Jim's gear is ever growing!  We have added a picture of the new Jupiter 8 keyboard to our Gear page (Keys section) that was added to his collection this week!

February 23rd: Gallery: As promised we are back with the new and awesome HQ professional photos of Jim with Avril from Beijing! These are not to be missed, especially this solo one of Jim at the piano. Check all the photos, tons of fantastic pictures!!

February 22nd: Video:  An awesome video from Manila is not to be missed.  Many show highlights including Avril's introduction of the band, Jim's vocal solo on Smile and band interlude.  Go see it!

Plus....we are in receipt of brand new outstanding high quality professional photos from Beijing. We will be posting them tomorrow so we suggest you come back for those :)

February 21st: Gallery: More new photos continue to come in! Check the last two rows of our new gallery of photos from Kuala Lumpur for today's new additions!   We must highlight one that is pretty sweet. Would you not agree this high quality picture rules of The Best Damn Band?! Enjoy all the photos :) 

February 20th: Gallery: Jim made a Malaysian Paper (in Malaysian Mandarin) all part of Avril Lavigne's concert review. Check it out - pretty cool!  More photos added to our new gallery of photos from Kuala Lumpur (last two rows).  May we highlight a collage we made from the Pumped Up Kicks video (we think it's pretty cool!)   Plus a very cool solo shot of Jim (note: minus the tags :) from Manila - awesome picture!! 

February 19th: Hard to imagine we are back with another update after yesterdays gold mine of photos, videos and news!

Video:  A higher quality version of Jim singing lead on Pumped Up Kicks at the final show of The Black Star Tour with Avril. This one is fantastic quality and more superior sound!  So check it out!

Gallery: More photos added to our new gallery of photos from Kuala Lumpur We want to make special note of this fantastic one of Jim and Avril!!


February 18th: We have a ton of updates today so where we go!

News:  What a way to end The Best Damn Tour, visit our news page for all the details on Jim's solo performance during the encore in Kuala Lumpur!

Video:  Two new videos for you today! First one, Jim kicked ass on his lead vocal performance of Pumped Up Kicks in front of 10,000 people during the final show The Black Star Tour with Avril Lavigne. Plus from Manila, HQ version of When You're Gone, the crowd is really lovin' it :)

Gallery: We just opened up a new gallery of photos from Kuala Lumpur -- a bunch of new photos added.  We love this one, Jim taking the lead on stage during Pumped Up Kicks!

Just when you thought that was enough for today, we have more!  AWESOME pics of Jim with Avril from Osaka in our new gallery.  This one of Jim and Avril rules!

And we have more, from Manila new pics added to the gallery (second row). Love this one of Jim and Steve Fekete and this one of Fekete solo :)

Avril Lavigne tweeted this photo of her and Jim on stage from Guangzhou, China!

Last but not least...Fans in Kuala Lumpur greeted the band at the airport, check out this really nice group photo of the entire band with the fans.  The fans also made super cute banners they gave to the group which we think are so adorable.  See Banner 1 and Banner 2.  Avril fans are truly creative!

February 17th: Gallery: We opened up another page in our Guangzhou gallery to accommodate even more fabulous pics of Jim, the band and Avril from Guangzhou, China.  We love this one of Jim, Avril and Al,  this pic of Jim and Avril rockin' out is simply fabulous, and a great moment of Jim on acoustic as Avril leans in must be seen!  Of course check them all out, so many great ones!

Pictures from the Manila show are starting to come in and we have opened up a new gallery. Thanks to @IamMyLeenJao for the pics!

February 16th: Gallery: Even more (we mean a ton more) photos of Jim with Avril from Beijing.  You may want o pay particular attention to this stunning HQ one. But you will have to look at the rest because they are all pretty awesome! Enjoy!   

February 15th: Video: A very cool video from Beijing that includes the beginning of the show, and clips of What The Hell and Sk8er Boi, goes without saying, lots of Jim parts!

Gallery: Opened up a new gallery of pictures from the Beijing show, check them out!!

February 13th: Gallery: Even more awesome HQ photos added to our new gallery  from Guangzhou, China. Most of the new additions were sent to us courtesy of @avrildailyhk (you guys rock!) Hard to select best photos but here are a few we think you'll like:

Jim and Avril together, Jim smiling at Avril, Jim with Al, Steve Fekete and Steve Ferlazzo, Jim and Al, Solo pic of Jim

Enjoy all the pictures!

February 12th: Video: From the Osaka show, fun clip that includes many Jim highlights from the show.  Jim front and centre on stage and also rockin' with Rodney on the drum riser, so check it out!

Gallery: Just what we have been waiting for! View our new gallery that includes a series of awesome professional photos of Jim with Avril (and course ones of the band too!) on stage from Guangzhou, China yesterday.  We think you'll agree this one of Jim and Avril is outstanding, plus another one of Jim and Avril rockin' out.  We love this one, Avril blowing kisses to the audience with Jim and the band in background.  Enjoy!

Note: we were are very sorry to hear about the loss of Whitney Houston. Without question, she was one of the world greatest musical talents.  Jim made a tweet about the news as well:

@JimmyMcGorman Sad to hear about Whitney Houston. I remember my first (roller) skating party hearing I Wanna Dance With Somebody - n asking girls to skate

February 10th: Video: Two videos today which we think you'll agree are pretty outstanding.  First one is Smile in it's entirety from the second show in Tokyo. Experience Jim's incredible vocal range at the 2:25 - 2:45 mark, wow.  Second video, from the Osaka show on Feb 9th the entire band intro and parts of Smile.  Watch for Jim's solo at the end, it rules!

February 8th: Video: From the second show in Tokyo, an absolutely rockin' performance of the band interlude.  The clip is in HDTV albeit from far back, and the sound is out of this world.  Keep your eye on the top right corner of the screen!  Tonight it's onto Osaka for the tour, then China later in the week!

Also stay tuned...we have a real gem of a video coming up soon featuring Jim's stunning vocal range on Smile that is not to be missed!

February 5th: Gallery: Jim tweeted two new photos from Japan. First picture is Jim's ode to Bill Murray from the film Lost in Translation :) followed by a fun photo from backstage he tweeted to @LauraMichelle26.  Also from December in Orlando, a cool fan photo of Jim with Steve Ferlazzo, Steve Fekete, and Rodney with Nine Negre (thanks for the photo!).  Plus a new picture of Jim with Avril from Belo Horizante has emerged which we think is a great photo.

The first show in Tokyo had was extra special with Taiko drum players appearing during the song What The Hell.  We are in pursuit of any photos and media from the shows so far and we will sure post upon receipt of it.  Enjoy Superbowl Sunday!

February 3rd: Video: From Music Station, TV Asahi Tokyo, performance Smile recorded last night. Here is the HQ version.  We also posted the mac version in the video section as well.

Gallery: Jim and bandmates set up the green room waiting area into "mission control" as they waited a long time to hit the stage at Asahi Tokyo.  Thanks to Steve Ferlazzo for the picture! @rodneyondrums described it as:

Taping at MusicTV in Tokyo today. Been here so long I just got a mailbox.

Speaking of Jim and his bandmates, check out The Best Damn Band gallery with tons of photos in our collection!

Tonight is the first show in Tokyo, will be back with any media we collect from the concert!

February 2nd: Video: Great timing for this new video of Jim performing He Wasn't with Avril in Tokyo last summer! Jim is now in Japan and touring over the next few weeks with Avril throughout Asia. So check out the video, it's a great performance with awesome times three (sound, performance, and camera angles!)

Gallery: Plus we have this fabulous new photo of Jim in good company with all-star musicians part of Rockers Collective in support of creatnow.org.  

Events: All the dates for the Asia Black Star Tour have been added!

Plus...Jim mentioned on twitter that he has potential plans for a video to be recorded for his single Get It Out in March! :)

January 29th:  Gallery: Some new unseen photos of Jim and Avril from The BlackStar Tour including this cool one on stage from Jakarta and collage of photos we made from the Brasilia tour! Enjoy :) 
January 26th: News: Tomorrow marks the fifth anniversary of Sunfired.net and we are pretty super excited and proud about it!  Visit our news page for something we made that is special!!
January 25th: News: Christmas is coming early for Jim fans as we have another new song released by Jim today!  Go to our news page for all the details about his new single Unbelievable now available on Itunes!!
January 24th: News: More Jim music expected to be released this week, so check our news page for all the details.  Also a little info about our upcoming fifth anniversary.  Gallery: Three new photos of Jim added to our McStudio Gallery(new additions added at the bottom of the page). Enjoy!!
January 22nd:  We are back with Part #2 of our exclusive interview with Jim.  Our interviews would not be complete with our traditional IPOD shuffle question, Jim also answers some question about his Avril bandmates and more.  Thanks to Jim for the interview. Enjoy!!
January 19thAs promised, we are pleased to present Part #1 of our exclusive interview with Jim.  Read on as Jim weighs in on a number of subjects including his plans for 2012, memories of 2011, and thoughts on the music industry.  Stay tuned for Part #2 to be available very soon.  Thanks to Jim for the interview!
January 18th: Interviews We posted the latest radio interview Jim gave, only a couple of hours ago, on The Jimmy Star Show. About half an hour in total, Jim talks about everything and anything. A must listen! If you want to hear Jim's latest song, please go to iTunes to get it, the link is at the top of this page.

January 17th: News: 2012 is starting off with a bang for Jim fans!  Coming this week Jim's new single Get It Out, plus he will be on the radio tomorrow and an exclusive interview with sunfired.net.  Go to our news page of all the details! 

January 14th: Video: One of the best performances of all time I'm With You featuring Jim with Avril from NHK, Music Japan Overseas. We think this is a must see, so go and check it out.    Gallery: From the video, we made a graphic of Jim and Avril as well.  Enjoy!!

January 11th: Video:  As promised today we have another video from the NHK, Music Japan Overseas series.  We think you will agree that Jim and band w/Avril knock this version of Alice right out of the park!!  Enjoy!

January 9th: Video:  From NHK, Music Japan Overseas, an awesome performance of Girlfriend. This series of performances was just released and since it is such fabulous quality, we will be posting the rest.  So check it out!

Gallery: A bunch of new photos for you today including, a stunning photo from Xl'lent Christmas, a very cool picture of Jim and Avril from Ray's Concert series, and another one from the same show

January 6th: Gallery: Even more new photos from JSTV New Year's Eve Concert. You can find the new additions here. Pretty cool media shot of Jim with Avril and this one we love -- Where's Jimmy?!  Gear: A new addition to Jim's gear family that includes as he describes "Best Christmas Present Ever!" Check out the bottom of the keys page to see it!  Enjoy!    
January 4th: Video: As promised, we are back with two more videos from JSTV New Year's Eve Concert.  Check out Complicated and I'm With You (all the Jim and Band parts :) At the end of the second video, Jim is certainly celebrating in style :) Gallery: More new screen caps from the JSTV concert (last two rows in the series).  We even made a very cool collage of Jim!  Enjoy :) 
January 3rd: Video: Jim rang in 2012 right with an awesome concert for JSTV in China with Avril Lavigne.  Today we have posted two of the videos from the show including Sk8er Boi and Girlfriend. Everyone is having a blast!  We will be posting the rest of the vids, very soon :)  Gallery: From the JSTV concert, a series of HQ screen caps!  This one of Avril and Jim is pretty sweet!
December 31st: Today we have a very special video in honour of The Best Damn Band in the world. Jim, Steve Fekete, Steve Ferlazzo, Rodney, Al Berry -- this video is for you. We hope everyone enjoys it as much as we had fun putting it together.  We'd also like to take this opportunity and wish everyone a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2012!!
December 25th: On the twelfth day of Christmas... Merry Christmas to one and all! And... a wonderful duet of Jimmy and Avril.
December 24th: On the eleventh day of Christmas...on this most magical night of the year, we wanted to take this opportunity and wish Jim and his entire family, Jim fans and visitors the most wonderful Christmas!  For today's 12 Days of Christmas we have created a very special video of Jim and his travels around the world in 2011.  The song we think is very fitting.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did putting it together! Merry Christmas!!
December 23rd: On the tenth day of Christmas.... just two more sleeps until Christmas! From Milan show we have a very cool video of Smile watch as Avril and Jim exchange some pleasantries :) From Jim's studio some new photos courtesy of @Korbeemusic. And.. a few photos from Jim travels in Orlando during radio promo with Avril!  Enjoy! 
December 22nd: On the ninth day of Christmas.... and also with the theme from the novel A Christmas Carol, a little bit of Jimmy McGorman with videos past and present.  From the past...we have Complicated filmed in Calgary at the historic The Grand on February 15th, 2007.  Interestingly enough, this is the first time Jim performed this song with Avril publicly all part of the CBC Avril Lavigne Special promoting The Best Damn Thing. Now the present... from last night, Jim with Avril performing Complicated on the hit tv show XFactor! Enjoy!
December 21st: On the eighth day of Christmas.... Even more of our exclusive front row videos of Jim with Avril from Regina!  This one is pretty funny as Avril asks "Are they selling nachos up there?" Go here to watch! Here is the mac version :)   Also check our some of our fabulous screen shots from the video! (last three rows in the series)   Enjoy!!
December 20th: On the seventh day of Christmas.... Another one of our exclusive videos from the Regina show with Avril. This time Jim on stage performing the song I Love You. The mac version is here :) Also a series of awesome screen shots from the video.  Enjoy today's 12 Days of Christmas! Cheers! 
December 19th: On the sixth day of Christmas.... One of our exclusive videos of Jim with Avril during the song Complicated (filmed from front row) in Calgary! The mac version is here :) We also created some pretty cool screen shots from the video (last two rows marked as new) Enjoy!
December 18th: On the fifth day of Christmas.... Video of Sk8er Boi from Y100 Jingle Ball Jam on December 10th in Miami, it's a pretty cool video, so check it out!  Also we made screen caps from the video! Enjoy :) 

December 17th: On the fourth day of Christmas.... Before you hit the malls this weekend for the holiday shopping frenzy, take a moment to check out today's gift! First, we have a new video of the song Alice featuring all the Jim and Avril parts from Avril in Montreal. We previously posted the intro to Alice so you might want to check that out as well!  Plus we have a series of new photos from the Montreal show.  Enjoy!!

December 16th: On the third day of Christmas.... The highly anticipated "Talk Stoop" video (with all the Jim, with Avril and Steve Fekete parts) is your gift today.  "Talk Stoop" with NBC's Cat Greenleaf is quite a unique show. She interviews many celebrites on the "stoop" of her own in Brooklyn.  You can also view a photo from the show here. Enjoy!
December 15th: On the second day of Christmas.... Today we many gifts!  More new photos of Jim and Avril from Y100 Jingle Ball 2011, and just in, new photos from Xl'ent Xmas 2011 in Orlando on December 13th! This pic of Jim is very cool!  Also Jim's song "Unbelievable" is feature in the new commercial for MyCauseWater. Check it out and visit their official website at MyCauseWater.com and follow them on twitter @MyCauseWater.  Enjoy!
December 14th: On the first day of Christmas....our traditional Twelve Days of Christmas starts today! Visit sunfired.net everyday leading up to Christmas for a cool gift!  Today we have an exclusive video filmed by us of Jim with Avril! (for mac) Enjoy! 
December 12thGallery: Two awesome shots from the Y100 Jingle Ball 2011 in Miami.
December 11thGallery: Pretty cool shot of Jim, Avril and the band with the crew backstage in Miami, Fla, during the Y100 Jingle Ball 2011. Also stand by for our traditional 12 Days of Christmas on sunfired!
December 10thGallery: A few screen caps from The Rachel Ray Show as  well as.... Video: As promised: the HQ version of the performance of Wish You Were Here  including the outro. Cool stuff.
December 8thGallery: The Q102 Jingle Ball concert took place last night and we have some FABULOUS high quality of photos of Jim and Avril! This photo in our opinion is pretty outstanding!  Also check out a very cool collage of photos we made from the show!  Enjoy!
December 7th: Video: From The Rachel Ray Show, an absolutely stunning performance of Wish You Were Here. Jim, Avril, Rodney and Steve ruled during this performance, the vocals are simply awesome.  Stay tuned we will be back with a HQ version soon!
December 5th: Video: We replaced the VH1 Big Morning Buz videos with HQ versions (Wish You were Here, What The Hell). So have a look if you wish. Gallery: We also made some screenshots from the same show.
December 4th: Gallery: A couple of shots taken by @tomkorbee showing the creative chaos in Jim's studio.  (1, 2) Gotta love Jim's enthusiasm (just check the caption on the second photo!)
December 2nd: Gallery: Some new photos added. Two in the Macy's Parade album (bottom row); a few from the Blacks Star Tour in Canada and this interesting one from some TV Show in Austria.
December 1st: Video:  Short acoustic version of "Smile" as performed on Live With Kelly! Also, a cool photo taken during the taping of Talk Stoop. Enjoy!
November 30th: Video: As promised, HQ version of the Live With Kelly! performance. It's really worth checking out. It was so good that we also had to make some cool screenshots.

Jim taped the performance for
the  Rachael Ray Show with Avril today. And that will be shown on Dec 7th, so check it out then.
November 29th: Video: LQ video of the Live With Kelly! (ex-Live With Regis and Kelly) performance of "Wish You Were Here". Actually, not that bad, especially the sound.  We'll replace it if we find a better version.

November 25th: Well... a photo Jim and Avril on the float made it on the front page of People Online! Here is the screenshot (courtesy of Jim himself) and the photo now lives here. Well done Jim!

Gallery:  More new photos added to our new gallery of pictures of Jim and Avril at the Macy's Parade!! Around 50 shots collected in total (across two pages) and we'll continue to add more as they come in.  The kids on the float seemed to diggin the company of Jim and Avril!  We also like this one as well. 

Plus, a very cool collage we made from some of the pics!  Enjoy!

November 24th: Gallery:  As promised, we opened up a new gallery of brand new photos of Jim and Avril aboard The Cooking Channel Tom Turkey Float from Macy's Thanksgiving Parade!  Some very cool photos courtesy of Jim's tweets (he also met Neil Diamond :) The gallery also includes brand new media HQ photos as well. We think this one of Jim and Avril during the parade is fabulous! 

Video:  New performances of What The Hell and Wish You Were Here from VH1 Big Morning Buzz have been added to our video page, check it out!  Don't forget to tune into the 85th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on NBC. You can catch Jim with Avril on the first float in the parade (Tom Turkey Float), performing Wish You Were Here!

Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends!

November 23rd: Video: We just uploaded an ultra high quality version of Jim's performance w/Avril Lavigne and the interview from GMA. The quality is superior to what is currently out there :)

Gallery:  From GMA, a series of stunning new video caps that we think are pretty impressive. This one of Jim, Avril & Rodney is fabulous.  Also a great one of Jim, Steve and Rodney.  Hope you enjoy! 

We'll be back later with VH1 Big Morning Buzz!

November 22nd: Video: Fantastic performance of Wish You Were Here from Good Morning America.  Jim, Avril, Steve and Rodney were in awesome form as always and the acoustic arrangement was one of the best we've heard. Also check out the short interview with Avril. Jim is there in the background and a bit of preview about the Macy's Parade :)

Gallery:  Jim tweeted a new photo, live from the set this morning :)

Events:  It's going to be a busy week with new events! Catch Jim with Avril tomorrow morning on VH1 Big Morning Buzz (recorded today). Thursday catch Jim performing with Avril at the 85th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Parade rockin' on a float.  We are really looking forward to this performance!

November 21st: Video: From the Amsterdam show, an awesome video and great sound of Jim performing Fix You (Coldplay) with Avril.

Gallery:  From the above mentioned video, some new captures, so check them out!  Also an cool new photo of Jim with fan Danilo in Brasilia, Brazil. (thanks to Danilo for the picture!). 

Events:  Catch Jim tomorrow morning live on Good Morning America performing with Avril Lavigne all part of GMA's Fall Concert Series! A number of cool promo events happening in the NYC area over the next week or so!

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