Updates: Jul 3 - Nov 17, 2011

November 17th: Newsletter: Issue #34 of our Jim McGorman Newsletter is released so check it out! To get your copy first, go to our Newsletter page to sign up for our distribution list.   Lots of cool stuff this issue! Enjoy!

November 16th: Video: Another HQ video from Montreal, this time the band introductions and Jim's vocal solo on Smile, awesome stuff!

Gallery: From the above mentioned video, some brand new screen shots.   We like this one!  Enjoy!!

November 14th: Gallery: Some new and truly awesome photos of Jim with Avril have emerged from the Toronto showThis one is fabulous!  Enjoy! 

November 13th: Video: A new combo video from the Montreal show that includes segments of Sk8er Boi and What The Hell. Jim and Avril are having a great time on stage!

Gallery: We also made a series of cool screen shots from the video!

Guitar Comic - Just for a fun, Guitar Squid.com created a flow chart comic Do You Have Too Many Guitars.  This is our version of the chart, with some slight changes (just to make it more relevant!).  For our musician visitors out there, follow along to see where you fit in on the chart! Enjoy!

November 10th: Video: All the awesome Jim moments in this new HQ video from Montreal that includes Girlfriend, I Always Get What I Want, and He Wasn't.  Be sure to watch the whole thing, Fekete is the highlight at the end :)

Gallery: Super quality screen shots of Jim from the above mentioned video.  Enjoy!

November 8th:  Gallery: Awesome new photos of Jim from the Sao Paulo II show, thanks to Renato! This solo picture of Jim is fabulous! :) Also a very cool photo of Jim with Avril from London, Ontario (thanks @francyav!) Over the weekend, Jim tweeted a great new photo on stage with Avril from the Calgary show :)

Special Note:  YesWe9960 (Brazil's largest Avril fan community with over 500,000 members) created this stunning banner promoting Jim's Twitter Page, official website and Girls single :)  They also promoted Sunfired.net as well, and we appreciate it! If you are on twitter please, follow @YesWe9960 and community owner @fernanda_sales

November 7th: Video: Jim and the band RULE during this fabulous HQ Intro to Alice from Montreal. Watch for a very cool moment with Jim and Steve Fekete during 1:57 mark!  

Gallery: From the above listed video, a new screenshot, graphic and awesome collage as well!  Enjoy!!

November 6th:  Gallery: Check out today's update for the balance of our new exclusive photos taken in Regina on October 13th!  Some pretty cool ones added, including this one of Jim and Avril :) Also we have made some awesome new graphics from the Regina photos as well.  We like this one of Jim, Al and Steve :) Have a great Sunday! 

November 5th:  Gallery: Today's update includes the rest of our exclusive photos of Jim with Avril taken at the Calgary show on October 11th :) Pretty nice shot of Jim here :)  Hope you enjoy them all!  We have also created a series of new graphics from some of the photos taken in Calgary as well.  We think this one is pretty cool!

November 4th: Video: During an Avril concert there is nothing like listening and watching the band interlude.  Even better when recorded in HQ!  Today's video is in one word outstanding.  Enjoy Jim and his bandmates rockin' out during the final show of Canadian tour in Montreal. This one is not to be missed!  Enjoy!

Gallery: From the interlude video, a whole slate of new screen caps!  Check those out too!

November 3rd:  Gallery: Even more new photos added to our Brasilia album.  Some great shots of Jim courtesy of Elaine Menke.  Enjoy!!

November 1st:  Gallery: Starting the month off in the right way with a ton of new Jim photos!  Check out new pictures from Brussels, Milan and Paris. This one of Jim and Avril rockin' out in Paris is pretty sweet! Thanks to @francyav for the photos! Then we have pics from Rome and Toronto as well.  (*all new pictures marked as "new") Enjoy!

October 31st:  Video:  Another HQ front row video filmed by us from Calgary! This time, Smile (includes awesome moment with Jim and Avril) and end of the band interlude.  Mac version is also posted as well :)

Gallery: New high definition screen caps from the above listed video from Calgary :)  We really like this one :)

We also wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 

October 29th:  Video: From the final show of the Avril Canadian tour in Montreal, watch a sweet new video that includes a medley of ballads.  Even more nice about this video is Jim and the band are singing to Avril :) 

Gallery: A dozen or so new photos added as taken by sunfired from the Calgary show! Some nice solo shots of Jim for example, this one and another cool one here :) Hope you enjoy them.

Events:  Three new American shows have been added for Avril Lavigne in December! All part of a series of radio station sponsored holiday concerts across the country.

October 28th:  Video: We are back with more of our exclusive front row videos from Regina!  One the many highlights of the show,  Avril's introduction of Jim and also part of I'm With You. Also available in mac format too!

Gallery: Check out even MORE new photos from the Toronto show!  Also from Toronto, a cool photo of @DoaneSam meeting Jim and also Jim with @avrilfanone!  Three new photos added to our Rio gallery (big thanks to fernanda_sales).  New photo of Jim with Rodney meeting fan @ItsGaGabs in South America.

Special note:  Congratulations to Jim for reaching over 20,000 followers on twitter!  To celebrate, Jim is holding a twitter party at 8pm EST.

October 27th:  Gallery:  Nothing like concluding a tour with a bunch of fabulous photos.  So, feel free to check out our new Montreal gallery.  Thought we'd point out a few pictures you may like including this one of Jim and Avril with Rodney and Al in the background.  Another cool one of Jim with Avril and Al

October 26th:  Gallery:  From Toronto, a new album that includes professional photos of Jim with Avril rockin' out at one of the epic shows on the tour!  This one of Jim and Avril is pretty sweet! We have also included some nice photos taken by fan @DoaneSam. This one of Jim is fabulous! Also a photo of Avril fans from avrilbands with Jim and his bandmates in Toronto :)

Last show of the Canadian tour in Montreal tonight, stay tuned for new photos and videos to be posted!

October 25th:  Video: From the Winnipeg show, check out Jim rockin' out during the band intro and also Smile :) Gallery:  A couple of new photos from the Moncton show :) Enjoy!

October 22nd:  Gallery:  Two more fabulous photos have emerged of Jim with Avril from the St. Petersburg, promo concert! Check out this stunning one of Jim rockin' out with Avril and this sweet one as well! From the Ottawa concert, two new photos, they can be found here and here.  Also  from our exclusive photos from the Regina show, some cool graphics we made.   We hope you like them!  Enjoy :) 

October 21st:  Video: We are back with more videos from our personal collections!  This time we have Jim's stunning piano solo to Alice from the Calgary show on October 11th.  Nice and close, great sound and high quality too!

Gallery:  From the same above noted video,  some high quality screen shots as well! We hope you enjoy them! A nice photo of Jim with @nachaafernandez in Chile (thanks for the photo!) 

October 20th:  Gallery:  A new album of photos we collected from various shows across the country including Winnipeg, Sudbury and Calgary.  This official press photo of Jim and Avril from The Calgary Herald is pretty awesome! Also a nice backstage shot of Jim and a member of the Avril crew (perhaps guitar tech?)! Enjoy!   

October 19th:  Video: From our personal collection, a new exclusive video from Calgary that includes one of Jim's shining moments during the show, being introduced by Avril during Smile.  A nice HQ and close version -- we hope you enjoy it! Mac version is also posted as well :)

Gallery:  We also added another page of new photos from the Regina show.  A nice solo photo of Jim and Jim on grand piano with Avril. Enjoy!

October 18th:  Video: Jim, and The Best Damn Band mates hosted a acoustic jam in Thunder Bay, ON this past Saturday enroute to Sudbury.  Watch their rendition of Hit Me Baby One More Time with a little bit of Hotel California thrown into the mix! Thanks to @kurtzendzian for the awesome video - you rock!

Gallery:  We also made some cool HQ captures from the video too! We like this one, we did it - yeah! Check them out :)

October 16th:  Video: A new sunfired.net exclusive! From the Regina concert, a front row ultra HQ video of Jim on grand piano performing with Avril When You're Gone. Mac version added.

Gallery: As tweeted by Avril, a fun photo of the band during a bus party on route to Sudbury. Plus, another really cool shot of the Jim and his bandmates with Avril sporting their ROCKS t-shirts in support of The Avril Lavigne Foundation.

News: From the Regina Leader-Post, a nice mention about Jim and Avril's band (each member was referenced by name) in a review about the concert last Thursday.

October 15th:  Gallery: As promised, check out our new gallery of our FRONT ROW photos from the Regina show!  We really like this one of Jim and Avril rockin' out and another lovely pic of Jim on grand piano with Avril. Hope you enjoy them!! We have more photos and videos from Regina and even more from Calgary to post so watch for them to appear soon!

The band Ustream live jam broadcast was absolutely impressive. We hope to have the full recording to post in a few days, so stay tuned! In the meantime, enjoy the pics!

October 15th:  News:  Visit our news page to learn more about the upcoming Ustream performance with Jim and Avril's band scheduled for later today!     On another note, stay tuned for exclusive photos and videos from Regina (and more from Calgary) to be posted soon!  Cheers :)

October 14th:  Video: As promised, we have posted our first combo video filmed from the front row in Calgary!  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did putting it together.  It's jam-packed with Jim rockin' out on stage with Avril!!  We also posted mac format as well :) Enjoy!!

October 12th:  Gallery: Sunfired.net represents at the Avril Lavigne concert on Tuesday in Calgary! With that, we have a ton of exclusive FRONT ROW photos of Jim with Avril (and the band) plus high quality videos to post over the next few days!  Check out our gallery of Calgary photos! We hope you enjoy what we have posted so far, and believe us, tons more to come and videos too!  We must mention that Jim, the band and Avril rocked as always!  Regina show tonight, looking forward to it!  ENJOY!  :)

October 11th:  Video:  Another li'l video from Vancouver. Hopefully we will get some cool stuff from the forthcoming shows in Calgary (Oct 11th) and Regina (Oct 13th), so stand by!

October 9th:  Video: From the Vancouver show, another awesome quality video that includes parts of four songs.  Some fun moments on stage with Jim and Avril too! Gallery:  Also we have added some high quality screen shots from the Vancouver show.  Enjoy!!

October 6th:  Tribute to Steve Jobs:  The world yesterday lost a game changer who truly was the seismic shift in both the music and technology revolution.  As Jim was without question inspired by Steve Jobs, please take a moment to visit our Tribute to Steve Jobs page that includes quotes from Jim and photos as well.

Gallery: Avril Lavigne tweeted two cool new photos of her pajama party with band and crew after the Prince George show! Check out Jim rockin' in his Philly Eagles snuggie and eating pea soup! Entire group photo is here.  

We have also added another cool photo of Jim taken by @francyav from the Brussels show.  Enjoy!

October 5th:  Video: From the Victoria show, a new clip (filmed in the front row) that includes all the Jim parts. We set the background music to the band instrumental interlude. Gallery:  Some new photos from Vancouver have emerged and with that, we have added them to the Vancouver gallery. This pic of Jim, Al and Steve is pretty cool, and another one of Jim solo :)  Enjoy!
October 4th:  Video: From the Torino show, a medley that includes parts of I Love You and Wish You Were Here.  Nice and close video with fabulous scenes featuring Jim and Avril together.  Gallery:  Three more photos have emerged from the Belo Horizante show so we added those to our gallery.  This one of Jim and Avril is very cool. We are patiently waiting for any new photos to appear from the Vancouver concert, once we have any, will be sure to post them!  Have a great day :) 
October 3rd:  Video:  A great new video has surfaced from the Torino that highlights Jim's incredible vocals on Smile and Push so we have put together a highlights video we think you'll like. Gallery:  We have opened up a Victoria gallery and added one new photo that has appeared so far. Tonight is the Vancouver show, one of the most beautiful cities in the world and home to the 2010 Winter Olympics :)  
October 2nd:  Video:  Super new videos have emerged from the Moscow show, so with that and because we think they are pretty sweet, we posted three today including, When You're Gone, Smile and parts of Wish You Were Here and Don't Tell Me. Lots of Jim so check them out :) Gallery:  Jim posted a beautiful photo of his arrival in Victoria :)  We both hold found memories of Victoria as were there together during the kick of the last tour in 2008 :) Events: Another new tv appearance added, Good Morning America's Fall Concert Series on November 22nd :)    
September 30: Gallery: New photos added to our Amsterdam Gallery,  check them out! The first show of Canadian segment of The Black Star Tour commences tomorrow night in Victoria, BC.  Stay tuned for photos and videos, of course and as always, we'll be posting any new media as we receive it :) 
September 29: Gallery: Truly terrific new photos have emerged so check out our latest additions to our London I show and London II galleries!   We think you'll agree with us, some pretty great photos of Jim there! For example, this professional photo of Jim and Steve Fekete rockin' out,  Jim solo moment on guitar, and Jim, Al and Steve Fekete together.  Enjoy!!
September 28: Gallery: The next segment of The Black Star Tour continues on with 16 dates in Canada commencing later this week in Victoria, BC :)  In the meantime there is no shortage of Jim photos from the European tour!  A bunch of new pictures from Cologne show added to our gallery.  Have a great day!
September 27: Video:  We have three videos today for you! All from the Hammerstein, Apollo show on September 21st.  The first one a combo video that includes the band solo, followed by Complicated in it's entirety. The third video a much closer version of Complicated.   Gallery: New photos added to our Manchester gallery thanks to pictures courtesy of Chelsey_oxo! From the first London show,  some sweet new pics from @avrilobsessed!  Also we wanted to wish Happy Birthday to Avril Lavigne today!!  Cheers!
September 26: Gallery: Some more photos added to galleries from the European tour. Today we have pictures courtesy of @avrilobsessed from the London I show (last four bottom of the page).  This one of Jim and Steve is super!  Also three pictures from London II show from @SarahAvrilRocks.  Enjoy!
September 25: Gallery: A new gallery has been added that includes great new photos  from the Manchester show. The first three pics in the series are courtesy of Chelsey_oxo !  We think this is a really great snap of Jim :)  Another new photo added to our London I album.  Have a great Sunday!   
September 24: Video:  From the Manchester show last night, you gotta check out Jim in this truly unique recap video we created. The beginning commences with a very cool extended instrumental version of "Don't Tell Me".  Enjoy!!
September 23: Gallery: Some very cool new pictures from the first London show added to our gallery (last three on the bottom). This snap of Jim rockin' out is awesome!  A stellar HD video from Summersonic appeared and with that pretty sweet new screen caps of Jim, so check them out. Enjoy!!   
September 22: Gallery: A bunch of new photos from the London show last night!  We really like this one and a very cool pic of Jim and Avril which is pretty awesome! We are staying tuned for new photos, videos and more from the second London show tonight.  Also Jim performed on Sun Sessions today, we will be on the look out for that and we'll be posting it here once we get it. Have a great evening! 
September 21: Gallery: Some more photos from Europe. First, the ones that Jim took and posted in his blog are here. Then, we have a few more (in the top row) from the NRJ Radio performance in Paris (Sep 16). Also, a couple of new from the last show in Cologne (one, two). Oh, and check out also this crisp and clear one from the Fte de l'Humanit Festival in Paris from Sep 16. Init cool??
September 20: Video:  Some video highlights of the Paris Le Zenith show, nice and steady cam. Gallery: New album of photos from the Cologne show (Sep 19) as well as some more from Brasilia as well as a couple of photos with fans in Russia (1, 2). Enjoy!
September 19: Video:  Two cool video clips from the Paris Le Zenith concert.  Awesome show by the looks of it. Also - another four new photos in the Milano album (the last four).
September 18: Gallery: There are a shitload of photos from the two shows in Paris, unfortunately nothing spectacular when Jim is concerned. But we made an album nonetheless.To will in the space we added a few colages of screenshots.

HOWEVER, take a look in this album, it will be worth your while. Says Official (?!) photoshoot of the Moscow concert. Whatever it is, some great shots of Jim.

September 17: Video: Avril appeared on NJR Radio in Paris yesterday and performed "Wish You Were Here". Jim and Steve Fekete were there too, so have a look how it all looked and sounded. Nice performance.

Gallery: We put togehter an album of screenshots of the aforementioned performance. Nothing spectacular, and strictly for the record, so keep your shirt on. Hopefully some photos will emerge. 

September 16: Video: A video recap of the Amsterdam show (Sep 13)

Gallery: A new album of photos from the Brussels show on Sep 14. Check out this one. The some more photos in the Amsterdam album: a couple of nice b/w shots as well as this one. As well as this one of Jim, Al and Avril from Milan.

September 15: Video: An outstanding video from the Amsterdam show on September 13th that includes the performance of When You're Gone with Jim on grand piano. Filmed from the front of the stage, this high quality video has terrific sound as well.  A very sweet moment at the end too, so make sure to watch!

Gallery: Even more professional photos from the Amsterdam show, and they are all exceptional of Jim and Avril.  New additions can be found on the top row.  We really like this one here and this rockin' one of Jim :) A series of new photos from the Rio show (pics marked as new, bottom row). Enjoy!!

September 14: Gallery: A truly awesome high quality professional photo of Jim and Avril during a cool moment at the Amsterdam show last night.  Also from the concert, we captured some HD screenshots during the performance of Fix You. So check them out! 

From the Rome concert two more new photos added to our Rome gallery.  The new pics can be found here and here.  Thanks to @rock_carmy for the pics!  Also a new photo from Milano from Foxthatrocks. 

Courtesy of Jim,  three new photos taken by him during his travels in Europe!

September 13: Video: Today we have all the Jim video highlights from the Milan show. Have a look, we think you'll like it! :) 

Gallery: Stunning professional photos of Jim and ones of him and Avril taken at the Rome show. These are definitely worth checking out.  We think this one is pretty awesome.  Head on over to Simone Cetorelli's website to see some of her other work, amazing photography!!  Tonight is the Amsterdam show, we'll be back with more videos, photos etc...  Have a great day :)

September 12: Gallery: From the Milan show yesterday, we just opened up a new album of photos, check them out!  A cool shot of Jim, Al and Steve Fekete and sweet one of Jim and Avril were added to our Rome Gallery.  Also, courtesy of Jim, a nice new photo taken of him at the Coliseum :)  

September 11: Gallery: Photos are starting to come in from the Rome show last night including this truly amazing one of Avril acknowledging Jim at the show.  Also, courtesy of @LucyTe, two photos meeting Jim and bandmates a few days ago. You can find them here and here.  We have also posted another group photo of Italian fans meeting Steve Ferlazzo, Rodney, Al, and Steve Fekete and where's Jimmy? :P Stay tuned for more, Milano show tonight!!

September 10: Video: From the Torino show, a new video of Jim exclusively on piano.  

Gallery: We added some new screenshots of Jim from the Torino videos we've posted. We think they are pretty cool :) Even more new photos of Jim with fans taken in South America, new pictures marked as "new". Thanks to @_BiaCastro and @IsadoraAlmeida for the pics! Also check out a sweet new photo of the Coliseum taken by Jim in Rome :) Speaking of Rome, a fun photo taken by Italian fans of Jim and his fellow bandmates

Articles: AvrilLavigneUK fans conducted a short interview with Jim. (scroll to bottom of page and click on Interview with Jim, September 11 to see the answers to the questions.

September 9: Video: The first show Italy took place last night in Torino, we have posted a new video of When You're Gone with Jim on grand piano. Check it out!  Gallery: A new series of cool screen caps and photos of Jim and Avril from the Torino show. Enjoy!  

September 7: Video: From the St. Petersburg show, a cool new video with all the Jim highlights, check it out! Gallery: We also created a brand new collage of photos and screenshots of Jim from the St. Petersburg show video posted today.  Tomorrow the Italy shows kick off with the first one in Torino! Stay tuned for media.  Enjoy!

September 6: Video: We think this video from St. Petersburg show is pretty awesome! The famous band interlude that shows Jim and entire band.  Awesome sound and steady cam too! Gallery: More photos added to our Moscow Gallery! Enjoy!

September 5: Video:  Cool new video and photos have come in immediately after the Moscow show, just what we like! We have posted two videos today :) First one include Jim highlights and a  friendly "bird" exchange between him and Avril during Smile :P. The second is the band interlude and Alice.

Gallery: Also from Moscow this FABULOUS photo of Jim and Avril, it rules!! We also opened up a new gallery with Moscow photos and added another picture here as well :)  Jim has also tweeted/blogged some really cool photos from his travels in Moscow. Check out this picture, it's awesome!

September 4: Video:  Candid soundcheck clips with Jim are always fun to watch and this one is no exception. From last fall, check out Jim and "The Steves" having fun on stage warming up for a performance they did with Kropp Circle. Pretty cool too, as Jim is on bass :)  Stay tuned for photos and videos from the Moscow, Russia show with Avril tonight. We'll be posting any new media that appears :)

September 2: Video:  From The Black Star Tour in South America, a brand new combo video of Push from three of the shows that includes the Jim parts and his solo within the song.  It's a pretty cool clip so check it out. 

Gallery: We have been hoping for some photos or more media from the Summersonic Festival in Japan. We think this brand new pic of Jim and Avril is truly fabulous!  We also have posted a two other photos from the festival as well. 

The next leg of The Black Star Tour is set to ramp up in Moscow, Russia on Sunday, September 4th.  As always, we will be on the look out for photos, videos and more to appear to post here! 

September 1: Video:  from the Taipei show on May 13th, a really awesome video with great sound that includes Jim performing with Avril during Push, Complicated and Smile.  Jim's vocal solo rules during Complicated :)  Check it out.

August 28:  Video: Two very short but very cool videos from Sao Paulo II. Check them out, they are worth your while.
Gallery: More screenshots and photos from the same concert.
August 27: Gallery: As promised, we added some screenshots from the band solo from Sao Paulo II concert here (last row) and on the next page.
August 26:  Video: The band interlude from Sao Paulo II. Steady, clear picture and sound. Can't get better than that. Screenshots coming, so check back.
August 25:  Video: We have Push from the Sao Paulo II show. Very good quality video clip. Interesting to see what happens when things go wrong on stage. Gallery: A bunch of screenshots (very good quality too!) from the same performance.
August 23:  Video: We're back to the Belo Horizonte stop of The Black Star tour w/ Avril.  A video clip of some up and fun moments from the show. Gallery: As well as this collage of photos from the same show.
August 22: Gallery: Some pretty cool screenshots and a collage from the Schlag Den Raab show performance w/ Avril  in June. To remind you, it's this performance.
August 21:  Video: Entire performance of Smile from Sao Paulo II, with full intro of the band. Very nice, steady and crystal clear. As well as a few screenshots from that (bottom page). Enjoy!
August 20:  Video: A short video clip (all that we could save from incessant voiceover) from the Mezamashi Live TV show the other day in Tokyo.
August 19: Remember the article Jim wrote for Berklee Today a few weeks ago? Coda - The View From the Wheelhouse.We wre able to get a copy of the publication, so here is the scan. Pretty impressive looking if you ask us!

Gallery: New photos from the Beijing concert , this cool one from Taipei; some more from Sao Paulo I, a couple more from Sao Paulo II (check out this one!); this one of the best pingpong player among the musicians  and last, but not least, a new album of photos that Jim has taken during his travels. All  good stuff!

August 16:  Video:  From the Osaka, Japan Summer Sonic show, sensational performance of Alice. The sound is so impressive we wonder if someone plugged the audio line right in the the sound board too. No matter what happens on stage amazing to see how Avril, Jim and the band perform every night with such precision.   

August 14:  Video: Truly a gem of a clip of Nobody's Home from Lima, Peru.  All about Jim and Avril in this clip. Awesome to see a song that Avril hasn't performed in many years and it was performed with such precision.  Gallery: We made many HQ screen shots for the videos we have from Lima, we really like this one :)  We are hoping for some good quality photos and videos to appear from both SummerSonic festivals in Tokyo and Osaka. Whatever we receive we will be sure to post them! Enjoy :)

August 13: Gallery: Cool HQ captures of Jim with Avril and Steve Fekete on Mezamashi TV. We think these are pretty awesome! Another new fan photo added to our South America Fan Photo Gallery courtesy of @victhorsousaa. From our Jim Travels Gallery, a photo of Jim and Steve Fekete in Tokyo thanks to @bakushori. 

Video: We also updated our video of the Smile performance from Mezamashi TV to a HQ version, so check it out!

Jim performed with Avril at Summer Sonic in Tokyo last night, we will be sure to post any photos and videos we receive, stay tuned! Tomorrow is the Osaka show :)

August 12:  Video: Here it is, Jim's performance with Avril (and Steve Fekete) on Mezamashi TV in Japan. Awesome acoustic performance of Smile! Enjoy!  

August 11:  Video: From the Brasilia show, watch Jim perform Alice on grand piano with Avril.  A truly awesome performance that we think you'll like as much as we did. 

Gallery: A new fan photo added, this time courtesy of @victhorsousaa with Jim in Brazil added to the South America Fan Photo Gallery.  In our Jim Travels Gallery, two fun new photos taken in South America orginally from Jim's tumblr blog account, check them out! 

Jim performed the song Smile bright and early this morning with Avril and Steve Fekete on Mezamashi TV in Tokyo. We will post the video as soon as it's released! Cheers!

August 10:  Video: From the South America tour, a combo video that includes clips of Avril have just way too much fun on stage with the band.  We think you will all enjoy this one -- so check it out!

Gallery:  More awesome pictures added to the Rio album, the last five on the page. This photo of Jim, Al and Steve Fekete rules!  Another new picture of Jim and Avril in Santiago deserves special mention, because we think you'll agree as well that it's pretty awesome.  Also, cool new fan photo added to our South America Fan Photo Gallery.  Thanks to @Rakeleiva and @biia_fonseca for their photos!

August 8:  Video: We really like today's new videos.  Jim on acoustic guitar centre stage with Avril during the song I Love You in Rio De Janeiro. Both steady cams and great quality :) Go check them out because they are great :)

Gallery:  Even more pictures today including Belo Horizonte (last one - page 2), Brasilia (last three), and 10 more new pictures in the Rio album.  Also check out our South America Fan Photo Gallery we have a number of new additions today!

Thanks to @julliaht16, Gabriel Kulzaa, @ItsGaGabs, Polly Rodriquez, Sandra XP, @avrilmidia for providing some of the photos we posted today.

August 7:  Video: To see Jim centrestage on grand during the band interlude in Sao Paulo, we suggest we check today's video! We don't think you'll be disappointed.  Fabulous quality, steady cam and great sound (also posted in MAC format). Today you can also check out the entire performance of Alice as well.    

Gallery:  Even more awesome photos from Brasilia and these pictures rock!  Especially this one, a professional photo captured by @nanimenke. We have also added this very fun photo of Jim, Steve Fekete, Al Berry & Steve Ferlazzo meeting fans during a volleyball game at Ipanema Beach in Rio :) Also check out our new South America Fan Photo Gallery that features over 25 photos of Jim meeting fans in South America. (Today's additions are on page 2). 

Thanks to @becomplicated, @evelinecabral, @renatabubadue, @renatavanetta, @DricaDoFeudo, Ana Luisa Mundim, @Avril_BSB & @nanimenke for providing some of the photos we posted today.

August 6:  Video: We have a ton of updates today! First off a very cool medley from Brasilia with spectacular sound and a very steady cam, all the Jim and Avril parts. We think you'll like it :)  Gallery:  Tons of new photos and some great ones of Jim and ones of him with Avril including Brasilia, Sao Paulo I, Soa Paulo II, Rio and Belo Horizonte.  Thanks to @ervilha_lilas, @CardosoAnaa, @assenreddie, @romeujarede, @amandiinhaneves for some of the new photos we added today!
August 5:  Gallery:  The South American leg of The Black Star Tour has concluded with the final show in Brasilia.  South American Fans really know how to rock! Photos and videos are starting to appear from Brasilia. With that, we have added some cool new photos and opened up a new gallery for Brasilia. Thanks to @luizfeliper, @ervilha_lilas and @whoisanasoares for their fan photos with Jim! Also, check out the bottom row of our Belo Horizonte gallery for new additions. We really like this new one of Jim and Avril :)
August 4:  Video: We always appreciate nice steady video cams at Avril shows and of course with good sound too! This clip is pretty awesome which includes Hot, Smile (of course capturing the fun moment in the show featuring Jim and Avril), and Complicated from the Belo Horizonte show.  Gallery:  New photos added Rio album (bottom two rows).  Tonight is the final show of the South American tour in Brasilia.  Should be an awesome send off for fans, we are looking forward to any new photos, videos and more! Enjoy :)

August 3:  Gallery:  From the Belo Horizonte show, we have opened up a new gallery of great pictures from the show! Hard to select favourites, because they are all pretty awesome :)  Also from the same series, thanks for the fan photo provided by @toshi_tks :)  From Sao Paulo II, more photos added and new additions to the Rio  and Sao Paulo I albums.

August 2:  Video: To start, a ton of updates today! From the Rio De Janeiro show, a steady cam with Jim on the grand piano during When You're Gone, incredible enjoyable to watch. Now to the Gallery:  New photos added to the Rio De Janeiro album (last three on bottom row),  second Sao Paulo show (starting on page three and leading into page four), and new performance picture of Jim from the Santiago show (marked as new).  Thank you to @fernanda_sales, @AlanRissato, @Rayane_ and @thalesmuniz for the fan photos with Jim :)

Jim is now on tumblr, please take a moment and follow him on his new account

Music:  We have added a link to Jim's music page that direct fans to his amazing music from his official website.  Last night Jim posted the streaming track of his song Not Alone with a photo and the story on how the song was created back in 2002 on his tumblr account. A beautiful song and story, please take a moment to listen to the song if you haven't heard it before on Jim's website. We also posted the photo in our gallery here.

August 1:  Video: From the Rio De Janeiro show, two new videos for you today :) First one Push and Smile of course, mostly the Jim parts. Second video is a four part medley. Hard to imagine that Jim's voice was "trashed" (as mentioned on his twitter comments), because quite frankly you would never know, his vocals are outstanding. Gallery:  And hot off the presses, a new album from the Rio show!  Also more photos from the second Sao Paulo show (last two in the series) and Santiago (today's additions marked as new).  Enjoy!
July 31:  Video: We wanted to change it up a bit and depart from the shaky concert home videos. We have a crisp clear clip of Smile from the AOL Sessions Avril did in May this year. And quite a few screen caps from the same performance. Enjoy!
July 30: Gallery:  We created two new albums, Sao Paulo I and Sao Paulo II  with lots of new photos. We did our best to give the due credit to everyone but if we have ommited someone - let us know.
July 29:  Jim's new single "Girls" is available on iTunes! Gallery:  More awesome photos from the first concert in Sao Paulo in the album - especially this one and this one. And a Video clip to illustrate the latter!
June 28: Articles: Jim wrote a new article for Berklee Today (as most fans know his former alma mater is Berklee College of Music) entitled Coda - The View From the Wheelhouse.   Fabulous article, jam packed with insight in the ever changing environment that is at play for musicians.  We think Jim sums up this piece quite nicely and some words of wisdom for any musician to live by "You didn't choose music; it chose you."

Gallery: New album from the Black Star Tour stop in Sao Paulo. We will be adding photos as we get them, so keep checking back.

July 27: Video: Everyone is talking about this photo taken of Jim and Avril from the Buenos Aires show during the song "Push."  We now have the video which we think is pretty damn awesome!! (also posted in MAC format).  It includes some lovely precious moments between Jim and Avril.  Take a look and you'll see for yourself :) 

Gallery: Even more new photos from Caracas (Jim with fans!), Santiago (Jim on drums), Buenos Aires (pictures start at the bottom row and on the next page).  Thanks for the cool fan photos Florencia Callejas and kmi_lavigne! 

Also just two more day to the release of Jim's new single "Girls!"  Jim mentioned he should be receiving the official single artwork soon! In the meantime, please feel free to utilize our promotional graphics page and spread the message about the single!

July 26: Video: We think everyone will like this one, a combo video (also in MAC format) that includes "Best of Jim and Avril" from Santiago show, great moments during "Push" and "Smile". Gallery: No shortage of photos today! New photos provided and send to us by fans from Buenos Aires, Santiago, (Jim also meeting fans) and Caracas. Thanks to @FabiSmiley, @barbi_gonzalez, @Rakeleiva, @vick_mdf, @Maru Miyashiro (@maru_89)!  Also could not help but mention this photo of Jim and Avril was featured in Rolling Stone Argentina review of Avril's show in Buenos Aires!  Enjoy :)   
July 25: Gallery: From the Buenos Aires show last night, 38 new photos of Jimmy from the show! We think you'll agree with us, this picture is a great one of Jim and Avril!   Hard to imagine that Buenos Aires surpassed expectations of Santiago "honestly didn't think we could have a better crowd than Santiago, but Argentina came 2 rock!" says Jim.  Brazil is next so this is certainly going to raise the bar even higher. Stay tuned we have much more to come!
July 24: Video: From the Santiago show which Jim described as "one of the best shows ever," you can certainly feel the energy within the band interlude, a must check video, these guys always continue to rock! Gallery: New photos from Santiago show thanks to Exequiel Pablo Lobos Ovalle and Felipe Ignacio Rivera Gonzalez for sending us your pics! Events:  According to Summer Sonic Festival website, Avril will be performing in Tokyo on Saturday, August 13th and Osaka, Sunday, August 14th! 
July 23: Some wonderful news from Jim on our News: page!!! Ah, what the hell: he is releasing a new song! You still have to go to our News: page for details!
July 22: Video: Two new videos from the tour including the entire band interlude from Lima, Peru. Jim and the band rock! Second vid is Avril's party anthem "Girlfriend" and the crowd is loving it! Gallery: A collage of photos of Jim and Avril from the Caracas show sent to us from Gabo (Gabriel Alejando Sanchez).  Thanks again Gabo!  Santiago, Chile show tonight, stay tuned for more to come!
July 21: Video: Clearly the Lima, Peru concert rocked and we have new fabulous, crisp, clear performance of What The Hell that is Jim and Avril focused throughout :) Gallery: we've officially opened our South America (The Black Star Tour 2011) album that includes new photos of Jim from Lima soundcheck.  Fans have started to sent to us pictures including a series by Gustavo Maradei (thanks!) from the Caracas show.  Events:  "The Black Star Tour" Canadian dates from coast to coast added to events :)  
July 20: News: Tonight Jim was rockin' out with Avril in Lima, Peru in front of a truly enthusiastic fan base!  Visit our news page for the link to view the entire concert as streaming broadcast! Enjoy :)
July 19: Video: The South American dates for Black Star Tour officially commenced yesterday with the first show in Caracas, Venezuela.  Today we have posted a combo video of "What The Hell" and "Smile"!  Articles: Jim conducted new interviews for two Avril international fansites  AvrilLavigneUK and ByAvrilLavigne (second interview was originally posted in Portuguese so we translated it for english speaking Jim fans to enjoy!) Click articles section noted above for both interviews.
July 14: Video: Jim performed with Avril on America's Got Talent last night with a medley of "What The Hell" and "Smile."  Check out the video from the show! 
July 12: Video: Two videos for you today including a very Jim focused performance of "I'm With You" from Singapore show. Truly one of our favourite Avril songs to date :) Also from the same show and on a humourous note, a smoke machine on steriods during "Alice." Great performance, you just can't see anything :P.  Events: Two new television appearances for Jim including America's Got Talent tomorrow (thanks Jim!) and August 7th, Teen Choice Awards!
July 10: We wanted to take this opportunity and wish Jim a very Happy Birthday! Have an awesome day! We invite you to check out a birthday graphic collage we created with photos from the past year of Jim. :) 
July 8: Video: Today we have an even better version of Smile from Goodbye Lullaby Launch Concert. It has better sound and filmed from another angle, so check it out!
July 5: Video: An excellent version of Smile from Goodbye Lullaby Launch Concert. Hong Kong, Feb 25th, 2011.  Even though the camera is shaky it is one great version of the song, so check it out!  Also we have added a new update archive feature to the site. Anytime you'd like to see our past updates, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and view the previous updates. Our first archive page is here
July 3: Gallery:  Today we injected a bit of fun and put together a collage of cool graphic t-shirts Jim has been wearing. Also in our most recent interview with Jim, he suggests people have mentioned he looks like Alex O'Loughlin. We put together a comparision animation, we think he does, but you be the judge!

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