Updates: Dec 30, 2010 - Jun 30, 2011

June 30: Video: From the Singapore show on May 9th, a totally cool video of Jim and Steve rockin' out during the band interlude.  Anytime there is a video of the interlude from the shows, it is truly a bonus!  Events: Updated our events page with a whole series of new dates for The Black Star Tour in South America in July. Looks like a busy summer for Jim!
June 24th: Articles: As promised, we have posted the second segment to our Exclusive Interview With Jim (Part #2)!  Read Jim's answers to questions about what he has learned working with Avril, his thoughts on Facebook and Twitter and more! Thanks again to Jim for the interview!  Also from the AOL sessions, several higher quality photos from the recording with Avril. On another note, as many fans know, Jim is indeed an advocate for animals.  Here is Jim's tweet on where he will be today: 
June 23rd: Articles: Today we are pleased to post the first section of our two part mid-year Exclusive Interview With Jim (Part #1)!  Plans including new music and potential new video as well!  We are of course very much looking forward to this! We will be posting part two very soon, so stay tuned!  Thanks to Jim for the interview!!
June 22: Video: A very cool clip of Jim with Avril rehearsing at the MMVA's!  Enjoy!
June 20: Video: The MMVA's took place in Toronto last night, certainly "one of a kind" award show.  Hard to imagine the show has been around for 21 years.  Jim performed with Avril during What The Hell in front of thousands of people in downtown Toronto. Check out a photo of Jim and Avril from the show.  Also, courtesy of Jim, a photo of him with Dan Kanter (he is part of Justin Bieber's touring band).  We'll be posting more from the MMVA's soon including rehearsal videos as well. :) Cheers!
June 17: Video: To tide us over till the Muchmusic Video Awards, a very cool composite video including Stop Standing There, When You're Gone, and Wish You Were Here from Singapore.  See Jim playing three different instruments in each song.  Check it!
June 15: Video: Courtesy of Jim, a fun video of Jim and Rodney taking over the Today Show news desk!  Check it out!
June 13: Gallery: Cool new photos we found from the Singapore concert one black and white and the other quite colourful! Also a new photo courtesy of Steve Ferlazzo, of the band in Cologne.  Enjoy!
June 11: Gallery: From Guitar Centre high quality scans of Jim's Sterling Audio advertisement. Check it out.
June 10: Video: From Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas, two very cool version of Sk8er Boi and Girlfriend.  Recorded from the front row with a truly electric environment and tons of Jim, check it out!
June 8: Articles: From Premier Guitar, check out Jim's new article entitled How To Use An IPAD Like a Pro Guitarist  It's a great piece with tons of insightful information from Jim's perspective! Check it out!!
June 7: Video: A fun video from Ray's Summer Concert Series this time Jim and Avril leading the crowd in a sing-a-long to "What The Hell."  The crowd is really into it and are doing a fabulous job!  Gallery: Cool photo Jimmy tweeted from the rehearsals at Schlag Den Raab (great photo!)
June 5: Video: An awesome HQ video performance of Smile (featuring Jim's solo and all) from Schlag Den Raab (TV Game Show in Germany). Also from the game show set, a fun picture of Jim, Al and Steve (Ferlazzo) testing their game show skills before the performance.  Thanks to Steve for the photo!
June 3: Gallery: From Britains Got Talent,  three STELLAR professional high quality photos of Jim and Avril on stage.  Photos which would compliment Jim's every growing CV! Especially the first two in the series. EventsNew 
"The Black Star Tour" dates have been announced including a show in Peru over the summer months and European shows in the fall, these have been added.  Enjoy!
June 2: Video: Jim performed with Avril at Britains Got Talent yesterday and we have posted the video of the performance including "What The Hell" and "Smile."  Performance appeared to captivate the likes of Simon Cowell!  Gallery: Even more photos from Ray's Summer Concert (the last five pictures in the series).  Jim also tweeted some cool snaps from his travels in London and we've included them in The Best Damn Band Gallery. Enjoy!  
May 30: Articles: We have put together  the full transcript from Jim's twitter party chat with fans today!  Also thanks to professional photographer, ardianto@fotokonser.com for sending us a truly AWESOME picture of Jim from the Jakarta show on May 11th.  We invite you to visit Fotokonser.com to see more photos from the show!
May 29: Gallery: We hit the JACKPOT!  A goldmine of professional photos of Jim with Avril from Ray's Summer Concert Series. So many great pictures, check them out!  Thanks to @RaysRenegade and PhotographybyNicole for the awesome photos!!
May 28: Video: A classic Jim video clip of him performing "You Get Me" (one of his personal favs) with Michelle Branch from Endfest in 2002. Thanks to Jim for sending the clip! Check out more videos of Jim with Michelle Branch from our collections! Enjoy!
May 28: Video: From Z100 concert in March, we have put together a combo video, and we must say the picture and sound quality is out of this world. Check it out!  Tonight Jim will be performing with Avril at Ray's Summer Concert Series. We are hoping for some videos/photos from the shows this weekend (including Atlantis, Bahamas event from last night). Of course, as always, we will post here :)
May 26: Video: Stellar and clear up close video of Jim and Steve during the band interlude from the May 7th concert in Hong Kong. This is a must see!
May 25: Video: More cool footage with our brand new composite video from the Singapore show including "Girlfriend," "What The Hell," and "Sk8er Boi."  Definitely worth checking out. Gallery: Check out two new photos from AOL Sessions.  Events: With the US Memorial Day long weekend around the corner, Jim will be performing with Avril at Atlantis, in the Bahamas this coming Friday, followed by Rays Summer Music Festival in St. Petersburg on Saturday.  We have added both to the events page with more tour dates to be posted soon.
May 24: Gallery: We are back with some more captures from Jim's video interview with Sterling Audio. This time you explore captures from his vocal techique segment starting at the bottom of this page and also on page 8.
May 23: Gallery: Today we have a series of very clear, high quality captures from Jim's guitar tips demonstration interview with Sterling Audio.  Enjoy!!
May 21: Video: With the great quality video we have from the Singapore show with Avril, today we have another cool composite clip :)  This time it includes parts from "He Wasn't" and the song "I Love You."  Enjoy!
May 19: Video: A new composite video of Jim from The Black Star Tour, SIS, Singapore on May 9th.  Our favourite part is when the crowd erupts during his Jim's solo during "Smile."   Events: Young Hollywood Awards has confirmed Avril will be performing at the awards ceremony tonight night (show to air, May 26th). We will of course post the video once it airs :) Also congratulations to Avril as she is the recipient of the "Artist Of The Year" award and will be accepting tomorrow night! Cheers! 
May 18: Video: From Channel 4 (UK), acoustic version of Avril's "Smile" featuring Jim and Steve Fekete.  We absolutely love this performance.  Check it out!

May 16: Video: Courtesy of Sterling Audio, check out a video with Jim filled with great tips on how to record the best vocal tracks. Gallery: Also David Tsai had the opportunity to meet Jim, Rodney and Steve in Taipei and shared his photo for us to post. Thanks David!  Check out the panoramic version and also a close up one as well.  Also today.....

Tweet from Jim: 

Hey all, can you help me get to 5000 followers this week? As soon as I reach 5K, I'll do a twitterparty and answer questions!!

If you are not already following Jim on Twitter, we invite you to please follow him at: http://twitter.com/#!/JimmyMcGorman  Thanks everyone!

May 15: Gallery: With special thanks to Jinglin and AVRILutionary we have a new photos added to the Jim in Singapore Tribute Page! We also included them into our Singapore album as well.  But there is more! Thanks to joddjakarta, new pics are now posted in our Jakarta album. All these photos were taken exclusively for sunfired.net, thanks again, you all rock! Video: A truly exceptional video of the band's interlude from the Taipei show, you don't want to miss it! Enjoy!

May 14: Gallery: Bunch of new photos added to our Asia tour album galleries including: Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Jakarta and Taipei. Stayed tuned for more to come as we have some exclusive photos taken for our site to appear soon! Enjoy!!

May 11: Jim in Singapore Tribute Page: With special thanks to Marilyn (wristband) and Singapore Avril fans, we have crafted a special tribute page that includes three awesome exclusive videos from the concert Marilyn filmed for us to post on the site. No only that, we included her photos, a copy of the cards fans gave to the band, a quote from Jim about Singapore and the fans! Singapore does rock, you are real game changing fans! Thanks wristband and Singapore fans!
May 10: Articles: Today we have posted a new interview courtesy of ConciergeQ with Chantal Westerman.  Truly one of the best interviews with Jim to date which includes a 22 minute podcast with a multidimensional approach covering everything from artists Jim has worked with, travelling around the world and travel trips in the Valley.  The written Q & A focuses on recommendations from Jim on all things Los Angeles. We expect you will enjoy it as much as we did!
May 09: Video: As The Black Star tour makes it way to Singapore, today we have a composite video from last night's show.  Gallery: We have updated our Asia tour album with cool photos courtesy of @Rodneyondrums with Jim, Steve, Fekete, Steve Ferlazzo, Rodney and Al holding cards from some truly dedicated Singapore fans!
May 08: News: Another new "Lick Of The Day" added! This time to a song Jim wrote with Michelle Branch.  Gallery: We have added a series of cool new photos from the Hong Kong concert on May 7th.  We really like this one!

May 07: Video: Today we have a video montage from the shows in Asia where Avril expresses her true appreciation for her band. Avril, Jim and the band are one incredible musical machine and simply gel together perfectly on stage!  Avril also tweeted about it today:

Guys for real I love my band. I can't thank u guys enough for being here!!! @ @ @ @ @

Gallery: Another cool photo of Jim and Avril on stage from the Seoul concert!

May 06: Video: This is more like it!  A stellar high quality video of the entire band interlude filmed from front row in Shanghai on May 2nd. Gotta see this!  Enjoy :)

May 05: Video: From the China Valley Music Festival in Beijing we have posted two more compilation videos of Jim with Avril from the April 30th show.  Check them out! 

May 04: Gallery: Today we have a series of new photos from the May 2nd show in Shanghai! Enjoy!! 

May 03: Video: Nothing beats hearing Jim and his bandmates solo together! Straight from the second show on The Black Star Tour, we have the band intro from the Shanghai show.  It really is epic! Gallery: We have opened up a new gallery of photos from the Asia tour.

Also, on another note, as many know Jim is an animal adovocate.  With our true love for animals and pets alike, want to give props to his twitter/facebook update from yesterday: Check out this rocking hat line They give a portion of the proceeds to animals in need Gotta Love That! Rescues Rock!

May 01: Video: The Black Star Tour World tour has started! The first show was during the China Valey Music Festival in Beijing, China. Check out the fantastic live version of "Alice", where Jim has a very, very prominent role on piano and backing vocal.
April 29: Newsletter: Issue #33 of our Jim McGorman newsletter has been emailed out.  You can review the current edition here. We also suggest you check out our previous editions as well!  If you aren't on our mailing listing, sign up! Cheers!  
April 28: Video: Today we have another segment from Jim's video interview with Sterling Audio. In the clip, Jim shares some very helpful tips on how to properly record guitar sound.  You'll also hear Jim performing an unreleased track entitled "Everything Changes". The song is currently unreleased and co-written with Todd JohnsonGallery: For your enjoyment tons of new screen caps from the first Sterling Audio Interview we posted a few days ago :)
April 26: Video: A very cool treat today courtesy of Sterling Audio, an exclusive interview with Jim from his home recording studio.  This is really awesome, so check it out!
April 25: Video: From the "Making of Goodbye Lullaby," check out Jim, with Avril and band in their first rehearsals. A fun clip to watch, incredibly enjoyable!  News: A new edition to Guitar World's "Lick Of The Day!" Today Jim and Avril roll out The Awesomeness track "Get Your Groove On."
April 23: Video: A fabulous high quality video of "Wish You Were Here" from the "Goodbye Lullaby" Launch Concert in Hong Kong.  Definitely as must-see as Jim is in the clip throughout the entire video. Events: Jim will be joining Avril The Black Star Tour which commences next week in China. Check out the tour dates so far!  Have a Happy Easter Weekend!
April 18: News: Jim was featured today in Guitar World's "Lick Of The Day!" Check it out as Jim teaches a double-stop rock riff to one of his The Awesomeness songs!
April 16: Video: A stellar video of "Wish You Were Here" from the Walmart Soundcheck series, and even better, includes lots of Jim moments.  Gallery: Also check out screen caps from the series as well!
April 14: Gear: We have updated the gear page (electric guitars) and included an interesting story about Jim's sparkly Gibson SG Custom Guitar. You can see the entire gear section here. Check it out!!
April 11: News: Today we have an exclusive 30 minute phone interview with Jim courtesy of www.iconfetch.com  It really is an amazing clip as Jim shares experiences working with so many artists during his extensive musical career and some fun road stories along the way!  We also have posted the interview in Articles as well.  Check it out!!
April 10: Video: The second last video clip, "Push" from the Walmart Soundcheck mini-concert as well as some screenshots from the same clip.
April 07: Video: The last two clips from the Sydney 2DayFM World Famous Rooftop mini-concert: "What The Hell" and "Push". We hope you enjoy them all!
April 06: Video: Continuing to post stuff from the Sydney 2DayFM World Famous Rooftop mini-concert. Today we have two oldies (if we can say so): "Skater" and "Girlfriend"
April 04: Video: We started posting clips from the Sydney 2DayFM World Famous Rooftop mini-concert. Today we Have "Smile" and "Wish You Were Here". Pretty awesome stuff.
April 03: Video: We both recovered a bit from last week, so here is a new update, "Smile" from Walmart Soundcheck. Great stuff. We are Jim fans but hat off to Avril and that voice coming out of that tiny body.
Mar 31: Video: From Sunrise Australia, two cool video clips of "What The Hell" and "Girlfriend."  A fun "hi-five" moment with Jim and Avril and the end of "Girlfriend"! Enjoy!
Mar 30 Gallery: The Sydney part of sunfired  attended the 2DayFM World Famous Rooftop show today. The photos are here.  It was a great show albeit short. Avril and Jim were in great voice and great spirits.

Mar 29: Video: Today we have a 15 minute video interview with Jim courtesy of Gearwire.com.  In this clip, Jim talks about his personal journey as a professional musician, the state of the music industry and tremendous insight on working in the studio with various artists. A must see, so check it out!

Mar 27: Gallery: A few collages of screenshots from the BBC1 radio performance can be found in this album.

Mar 25: Video: And inside look at the recording of "Goodbye Lullaby" featuring Jim in studio with Avril Lavigne and Devin Bronson.  A very cool clip, check it out!

Mar 23: Video: Fun video clip featuring Jim and Avril joking around on stage during the Hong Kong "Goodbye Lullaby" Launch concert  

Mar 22: Gallery: Very cool screencaps of Jim from T4 (Channel 4) UK!  Check them out!
Mar 20: Gallery: New photos of Jim from the Z100 promo concert added the spring promo album. Enjoy!

Mar 19: Video: Today we have two warm up before performance clips of Jim with Avril. The first one is from The View and second from other event.  Enjoy! 

Mar 18: Video: From T4 (Channel 4) UK, new videos of "Wish You Were Here" and "Girlfriend"  Enjoy!!

Mar 17: Happy St. Patrick's Day! Gallery:  Two absolutely amazing high quality photos from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  These are not to be missed! You can find each new photo by clicking photo one and photo two.  The pictures have also been added to the album in order of appearance.

Mar 16: Video: Today we have performance of "What The Hell" and entire version of "Push" from Jimmy Kimmel Live! Jim certainly owns during the performance of "Push." Four pages of new screen captures from the show last night.  Worth checking out -- enjoy!!

Mar 15: Video: A HQ version of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno performance of "What The Hell."  Did you know this was Jim's 12th appearance on Jay Leno? (Thanks Jim!) Take a look back at the past appearances  in chronological order.  We have also added a new album of screen captures from the show last night.  Events: Jim will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight.

Mar 14: Events: Jim will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight (his 11th time)performing with Avril Lavigne. Check out a new photo of the rehearsal for the show tonight. Also Jim will be rockin' a Red Monkey Designs guitar strap tonight! We invite you to join our new Twitter account!
Mar 13: Video: Filmed March 06, a video of Jim performing "What The Hell" with Avril at Music Station in Tokyo, Japan. It's hard to imagine the devastation the entire country is experiencing right now.  Please take a moment and keep them in your thoughts during this difficult time.  If you have means, please donate to your local charities in relief aid.
Mar 12: Video: The highly anticipated Taratata show is now posted including acoustic version of "What The Hell" and "Tik Tok" (Ke$ha cover).  We think you'll enjoy the take on "Tik Tok" many are raving about Avril and band's version (which we agree) is incredibly enjoyable! Gallery: And some screencaps here !
Mar 11: Video: Today we have full versions of the Z100 promotion concert added. Definitely worth checking out for some truly fun moments between Jim and Avril!  Gallery: More cool photos added to the North American promo tour, from the Goodbye Lullaby album release.  Love the ties!!  Enjoy :)
Mar 10: Video: From The View, a very fun performance of What The Hell. This version is very crisp and clear as recorded by us :)  Gallery: More photos added to the North American promo tour, so check them out!  Lots of new things to post from various shows and appearances so stay tuned!

Mar 9: Video: We have two brand new videos from Jim's performance with Avril Lavigne from NBC's The Today Show including a backstage warm up clip which is incredibly cool. Gallery: We have opened up a new album of photos from the North American promo tour, so check them out.  It will be another busy day in NYC for Jim with The View and also  Z100 Radio live streaming concert later today at 5 PM EST. Tune in and watch in real time!  

Mar 8: Video: In advance of the highly anticipated Today Show performance and various US promotion appearances scheduled this week, we have posted two great videos from BBC Radio 1, UK. These are not to be missed as it includes Jim performing with Avril on Ke$ha's cover of "Tik Tok" and "What The Hell" acoustically.  The band is truly featured in these videos, which we absolutely love!
Mar 7: Events: Our events page is updated with a series of major US network shows Jim will appear on with Avril this week. Starting tomorrow he will be on the Today show and more so check it out!  Of course, as always we will be posting video and will have all the updates so stay tuned!
Mar 6: Video: From T4 (Channel 4) UK, a beautiful acoustic version of "Push." Truly a wonderful performance. Enjoy!
Mar 5: Video: Courtesy of WTH TV, a new video from the Goodbye Lullaby Showcase concert in Tokyo featuring Jim and Avril warming up. After the show Avril, Jim and bandmates sweating out the "catch of the day!"  Good times!
Mar 4: Video: Video from Tokyo with a new performance on the Sukkuri Morning Show.  Gallery: A cool photo of Jim with bandmates taken with big time Japanese personality Terry Ito. Also we just had to mention within Avril's thank you credits on her new CD Goodbye Lullaby she personally thanks Jim and her bandCheck out the scan of the liner notes!

Mar 3: Video: From the Walmart Soundcheck series, we have posted Girlfriend today.  The entire video is pretty much Jim and Avril and it's awesome! Gallery: More new screen caps from The Walmart Soundcheck starting on page 2 and going into page 3 Enjoy! 

Mar 2: Video: We have two outstanding videos of Jim performing with Avril during the Walmart Soundcheck series. Without question, this a truly Jim focused performance and the songs sound absolutely amazing! Go and check them out! We'll be posting more so stay tuned! Gallery: We opened up an album of new screen caps from The Walmart Soundcheck as well! Enjoy! 

Feb 28: Video: A truly awesome video that includes a semi-acoustic version of "What The Hell" from T4 (Channel 4) UK. Jim is seen and heard throughout this beautifully filmed clip!  Gallery: A series of very cool photos of Jim in Hong Kong during Avril's spring promo tour.  

Feb 25: Video: More amazing video clips are appearing from Avril's promo tour. Here is a clip of "Push" featuring Jim and Avril together on vocals.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we are! Cheers!
Feb 24: Video: Avril's "Goodbye Lullaby" promo tour brings her to Hong Kong and today we have a new video of clips from the launch concert.  Tons of great Jim moments singing and playing guitar.  Enjoy!!!
Feb 20: Video: Today we have a new video of Jim performing What The Hell with Avril at the San Remo Festival.  This festival is considered to be one of the world's largest so, check it out! Also we have a few captures from the performance here. Enjoy! 
Feb 19: Jim will perform in San Remo, Italy tomorrow. Check our Events page for details. Hopefully, we will be able to get a video of the performance soon. To tide us over, we posted some screenshots from the two recent performances: Les Victoires de la Musique, France and Daybreak, UK. Enjoy! 
Feb 15: Video: Well, this is more like it. Avril, Jim and the band performed live during Daybreak, a weekday breakfast show on ITV, UK. We have the video and it's really cool! Jim and everyone was very happy despite the ungodly hour in the morning (well, for a musician).   We are also  very happy that April gives her band such a prominent place.
Feb 13: Video: To tell you the truth, we are a bit disappointed with the lack of performances on the current Avril promo in Europe. Only two so far (one posted below and one yet to be shown on TV). It wasn't like that four years ago when Avril was doing mini-concerts left right and centre. Let's hope things pick up - we really like to see Jimmy more. Until then - a performance from the Euro promo in March 2007 that we haven't posted before. Pretty cool too.
Feb 10: Video: Well, here it is! The first video clip from the promo tour w/ Avril Lavigne - from the performance during the Les Victoires de la Musique awards show in Lille, France.
Feb 09: Video: While we are waiting for some video material from the current Avril's promo visit to Europe, here is a clip from the VERY first concert of Jim with Avril. It was taped on Feb 15, 2007. You can read all about it here.
Feb 08: Events: Yesterday, Avril (Jim's boss) tweeted: 'Off to Paris, England, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, NYC and Canada to promote "What The Hell" and "Goodbye Lullaby"'. So we thought to post info about a few TV appearances in the next week. We will post videos as soon as we get them. Let's just hope they will be Jim-worthy.
Feb 04: Gallery: A bunch of screenshots from the performance of "What The Hell" with Avril Lavigne on Music Station show in Japan last month.
Feb 03: Events: Jim will embark on a world tour w/ Avril Lavigne in May/June by the looks of it. Australia was mentioned for the first leg; however we have five conformed dates for Japan in May. Have a look if you're interested.
Jan 31: Articles: As promised, Part 3 (of 3) of our exclusive interview with Jim. So check it out! Thanks again to Jim for the interview!!
Jan 28: Video: Performance of "What The Hell" with Avril Lavigne on Music Station show in Japan last night. Also, check out our News section to see what Jim will be up to in the next couple of months! And a cool tweet of Avril.
Jan 27: Articles: As promised, Part 2 (of 3) of our exclusive interview with Jim. Today it's all about Producing. So check it out! Stay tuned for Part 3 to be posted soon!
Jan 24: Articles: We all know how busy Jim is, yet he found the time to do another exclusive interview for sunfired! Today we are posting Part 1 (of 3) - Jim in 2010. Thanks Jim! 
Jan 21: Video: Today we have another video of Jim performing with Zoe Scott at JJ's Salon in LA on September 20th, 2010.  This time all to the music of Jim's awesome song "Unbelievable."  And....we have a brand new EXCLUSIVE interview with Jim that we'll post starting next week, so stay tuned!!!
Jan 17: Video: In October, Jim performed with Zoe Scott opening up for Joan Osbourne.  Today we have posted a completely Jim focused video all to the music of his beautiful song "Here."  Enjoy!
Jan 11: Gallery: Today we have four cool new animations of Jim's performance of Girlfriend from "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2011"  You can find them all here (added at the bottom of the page) Enjoy!
Jan 6: Gallery: We have new screencaps from the New Year's Eve performance of Girlfriend. They start from here and can also be viewed on pages three and four.  Also you can check out a quick glimpse of Jim in rehearsals with Avril Lavigne (courtesy of Avril's youtube channel) Enjoy!
Jan 3: Gallery:We added  quite a few screencaps from the NYE performance of "What The Hell" in our "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2011" album. They start from here.
Jan 2: Video: As promised, the video clips of the two songs Avril Lavigne and her band performed on ABC's Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2011: "Girlfriend" and "What The Hell".
Jan 1: Happy New Year! Here are the YouTube clips of Jim's appearance w/ Avril Lavigne on ABC's Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2011: Girlfriend and What The Hell. We will post downloadable versions as soon as we get the HQ video. Lots and lots of Jim. Also, here are some photos for the time being. Some of them are really awesome. We have a lot more coming. Enjoy!
Dec 30: If you live in North America, tune in ABC's Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2011 tomorrow night at 10 pm ET. Avril Lavigne is performing "What The Hell" (the first single of her forthcoming studio album)  - and, of course, Jim will be there (confirmed).

Way to go Jim, what a great way to see off a very successful 2010 and ring in even more successful (
well, we hope!) 2011!

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