Video Help

Videos hosted locally (on

  • The format is mainly .wmv, but there are also some .mov .mpg .avi and .mp4 video clips.
  • Up to you if you want to download them on your hard drive and play them from there or play them directly from sunfired.
  • In case you play them directly, it all depends on your browser - so can't help you much there. Works a bit better on MS Explorer if you ask us.
  • If you are on PC (like we are) you need Windows Media Player. Make sure that the above mentioned types can be played by WMP. If you have problems, email us - more than happy to help.
  • If you are on Mac  - we assume you have Quicktime. Make sure that you have also installed the Windows Media Components for Quicktime so you can watch the .wmv and .avi stuff. Again, if you have problems - email us , we will do our best to help although we have no clue about Mac. We are on PC, remember?
  • If all fails and you are desperate to see the movie, download VLC Media Player and install it. It allegedly plays all videos known to man and some animals too.

Videos hosted on YouTube

  • As of mid-2012, we started posting  our videos on YouTube. Not our choice, trust us.
  • If you haven't used YouTube ever, that means that you have no clue about the Internet and we are surprised that you are reading this page.
  • You can't download those videos. Email us if you still want them on your hard drive, we will be able to help
  • The only couple of tips we will give you:
Always check the quality and switch to the highest one

In case the video quality is HD, worth switching to larger player or Full Screen