Jim On The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno

Here are all the appearances of Jim on this show. The one we are missing is w/ Tal Bachman.

W/ New Radicals - 1998: A precious video of Jim playing k/b, singing backing vocals to Gregg Alexander and totally rocking out during "Get What You Give" on Leno. Jim shakes hands w/ Leno so make sure you watch to the end. (YouTube)

  W/  Mighty Mighty Bosstones - May 26, 2000: We have a real, REAL rare gem here! Great collaboration of two Bosstones fans (Greedo737 and SLF from ) and we can show you fresh-faced, addorable Jimmy playing Hammond Ogran, singing backing vocals and getting into the whole ska groove! The song is called "So Sad To Say". Thank you guys! (YouTube)

W/ Michelle Branch - 2001/02: "All You Wanted"  With Jay looking surprisingly like Ryan Phillippe.  Hmmm... Anyway, very cool performance.

W/ Michelle Branch - 2001/02: "Everywhere"

W/ Michelle Branch - 2001/02: "All You Wanted"  Jim performs (on the grand piano!) a beautiful acoustic version of "All You Wanted".

W/ Michelle Branch - 2001/02: "Goodbye To You"  Lots of Jim - both seen and heard throughout the performance!

W/ Marc Broussard - Sep  2004: "Where You Are"  A  rare and cool clip of Jim performing on keys!

 The Tonight Show w/ J Leno - Jun '07: Another absolutely awesome duet of Jim and Avril on "When You're Gone". No closeups of Jim - which is a crying shame as he looks way, way cool in sunnies.

 The Tonight Show w/ J Leno - Jun '07: Another rocking performance of "Girlfriend" WOW! This was shown only online, so this is a LQ clip from Jay Leno's webage.

  W/ Marc Broussard - Oct 8, 2008 :  Jim is playing  keyboard,  singing backing vocals on "Keep Coming Back" and having a lot of fun. As per usual. That guy loves to perform. (YouTube)

W/ Avril -  Mar 3, '10: Firts live performance of "Alice Underground " from Almost Alice, the soundtrack to the Tim Burton-directed, Johnny Depp-starring  "Alice In Wonderland".  Jim plays grand piano and sings backing vocals to Avril.

W/ Avril - Mar 14, '11: Awesome, hyped-up performance of "What The Hell", with some great chemistry between Avril and the band.

W/ Avril Lavigne - Apr 26th, 2013  - There is some dispute among experts if this is Jim's 13th or 14th appearance on this show, but it's definitely one of the best. Avril and the band performed "Here's To Never Growing Up". Enjoy!

W/ Cassadee Pope - November 22, 2013 - Excellent  performance, lots and lots of Jim.  Jim's 14th Leno show. Amazing.