The Best Damn Tour 2008 - Europe

and TBD Tour, Glasgow, Scotland - May 26:  F "Jim rocking out on "Always Get What I Want" and following Av's instructions on "He Wasn't" . Pretty cool.

  TBD Tour, Machester, UK - May 29:  A pretty cool video - albeit shaky of "Don't Tell Me" 

and TBD Tour,Manchester,UK - May 29:Two versions of the  (same) performance of "Losing Grip". (The first one is almost as good as our own videos ) It's wonderful to see the interaction between Avril and Jim.

, and   TBD Tour,  UK - May:  "Runaway": the first one from  Manchester (May 29th) and the second two from  Birmingham (May 30th) . In other words: "Hit it Jiiiiiiiim!"

, and TBD Tour,  Cardiff, Walles - May 31:  "Don't Tell Me", "Hot" and  "Losing Grip" respectively.

  TBD Tour, London UK - Jun 04 :  Finally! "When You're Gone", fantastic quality too.  You will need Quicktime to see this clip it all it's glory. If you don't have it - here is a lower quality wmv clip.

  TBD Tour, London UK - Jun 04:  The entire "He Wasn't" as performed in London. Notice the beginning and Jim following Avril on cue. Here are just Jim and Avril jamming. Isn't this awesome shit? Who says that Avril doesn't interact with the band?

TBD Tour, London - Jun 04: A video mix of "Complicated", "When You're Gone" and "Innocence". You can hear Jim a lot better than you can see him.

, TBD Tour, Dublin, Ireland - Jun 06: "Losing Grip" and "Hot" . This was the best we could do - the videos were shot sideways (bad idea!). But pretty cool ones and Jim is in the picture all the time.

  TBD Tour,Paris, France - Jun 10 : A piece of "Losing Grip" aaaand... what on earth is Jim saying???? Even Avril is wondering...

  TBD Tour,Paris, France - Jun 10 : Entire "Losing Grip", and very animated Jim (as usual). We still don't know what he is saying at the beginning.

  TBD Tour, Paris, France - Jun 10:  Entire "Don't Tell me". Again very good quality.
  TBD Tour, Paris, France - Jun 10:  Entire "Hot". Very good quality too.  Jim is obviously very into it.

  TBD Tour,Bolzano, Italy - Jun 12 '08: 20 sec clip of the end of Runaway. For some reason, known only to him, Jim is very 'enthusiastic' about Avril's drumming skills.

  TBD Tour,Milan, Italy - Jun 13 : A few Jim highlights from the show. We concede, Jim is either a flash on the screen or a little ant playing guitar - but still not bad.

  TBD Tour,Milan, Italy - Jun 13 : Entire "Don't Tell Me". Shot from the screen, and not much of a picture quality, but the sound is really good and Jim is in fine voice. As always. Oh, Avril too.

  TBD Tour,Milan, Italy - Jun 13 : "Hawt" - just listen to Jimmy baby from 1:38 onwards.

  TBD Tour,Milan, Italy - Jun 13 : Finally, "Losing Grip" - the last song of the acoustic set.

  TBD Tour,Milan, Italy - Jun 13 : Intro to "My Happy Ending", then a cool closeup of Jim during "When You're Gone" and "Complicated" - and Jim doing a vocal solo. Nice little combo video with excellent sound. Enjoy!

  TBD Tour,Milan, Italy - Jun 13 : The "band" part of "Everything Back..." and the entire "Runaway". So are Avril and Steve. Enjoy!

  TBD Tour, Munich, Germany - Jun 17:  "Runaway". Not greatest, but intersting angle and you can see glimpses og Jim on the big screen. 

  TBD Tour, Brussels, Belgium - Jun 21,  :  "Don't Tell Me" or "How Musicians Have To Think On Their Feet" Or bums. They are real pros, aren't they? Thanks Tagada!

  TBD Tour, Brussels, Belgium - Jun 21: Entire "Hot" - very good quality too. Jim pops in and out of shot, but you can see him playing his SJ-200 all the time. And of course singing. Very cool.  (Quicktime format)

  TBD Tour, Brussels, Belgium - Jun 21:  Avril introduces the band during "Everything Back But You". This is just the Jim part as Jim's bandmates are not shown unfortunately. But watch Jim. 

  TBD Tour, Dresden, Germany - Jun 23: Highlights of the show.The picture is shaky, the sound is fuzzy, but it's a fun little video.  Watch Jim during Avril's antics on "He Wasn't" and Avril mis-stepping at the end - which is very cute. Did we say it's a fun little video?

  TBD Tour, Dresden, Germany - Jun 23:  "Don't Tell Me". Not great quality but it's...  different. Prety cool, open stage too.

and TBD Tour, Dresden, Germany - Jun 23:  "Don't Tell Me" (another version) and "Losing Grip". The sound stinks... but they are neat, crisp videos. Can't have it all. Jim REALLY looks like he's having fun. Enjoy!

, and TBD Tour, Stockholm, Sweden - Jun 28:  "Don't Tell Me",  "Losing Grip" and "Hot". Perfect picture and sound. Kudos to whoever recorded it!

  TBD Tour, Riga, LV - Jul 02:  "Runaway". A pretty neat and clear video taken from Jim's side.  Kudos  to whoever took it.  With all  due respect to  technically  savvy European  fans that Avril has,  we have yet to see some good videos.

  TBD Tour, Riga, LV - Jul 02:  Entire "Don't Tell Me". Good quality albeit shaky picture and good sound. Jim can be somewhat seen but, since it's a very good performance and he is heard loud and clear, we didn't edit out the scene of that moshpit rescue.

TBD Tour, Budapest, Hungary - Jul 07: Finally! A steady video with excellent sound, professionally shot beginning of the concert: "Girlfriend". Can see and hear Jim. Notice Steve  Fekete's guitar at the beginning - very cool!

  TBD Tour, Prague, CZ - Jul 08:  "Don't Tell Me"

   TBD Tour, Leoben, Austria - Jul 09:  A very shaky "Don't Tell Me" but mercifully, it's short. And... the sound is good. 

  TBD Tour, Leoben, Austria - Jul 09: Yeah, yeah. We agree. Jim is a blurry blob in the bottom of the screen, but... the camera is steady, the sound is good, Jim is in shot 99% of the time, he is having fun...So, not bad we reckon! Oh, the song is "I Don't Have To Try".

   TBD Tour, all over the place:  "He Wasn't" Jim jamming with Avril - undeniably one of the highlights of every show. Always new, always different.