The Best Damn Tour 2008 - Asia

 TBD Tour w/ Avril, Beijing, China - Oct 06: Entire "Sk8er Boi", the very last song performed during The Best Damn Tour. Kind of special. After all - pun (not) intended; Jim spent almost two years on the road w/ Avril and The Best Damn Band. Jim is throughout the clip, rocking out.

TBD Tour, Asia, Sep/Oct: "In Too Deep": a combination of clips from 3 concerts (Nagoya, Shanghai and Beijing) 

TBD Tour, Beijing, China - Oct 6: Aaaand... another  "In Too Deep", with Jim on lead vocal. The best one yet! Almost the entire song. Very good sound. And Jim in very good voice. He didn't fumble any lyrics this time.  That was the second last song performed on The Best Damn Tour. Check out the end! We also posted it on YouTube - so you can link it from there if you wish.

TBD Tour Beijing, China - Oct 06: Highlights from the show. The beginning and the end are pretty neat.

TBD Tour,Beijing, China - Oct 06: Finally, we have a video clip of the craziest thing that has ever happened during one of Jim's shows. With our comments. See for yourself. Here is what Jim said about it.

TBD Tour, Shanghai, China - Oct 4: Another "In Too Deep" but this time our Jim sings the lead!!!! ::squeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaal::  And he sings really good! Here is what da man says about how it came about.
with both Deryck Whibley and Jimmy singing lead. Jim parts have watermark top left.

TBD Tour, Guangzhou, China - Sep  28: All Jim all the time in this clip of "He Wasn't"  Filmed from right in the front row and the camera certainly was on him as he is rockin' out!

TBD Tour, Guangzhou, China - Sep 28: Another highlights video, a bit grainy. Let's see:  Complicated,  In Too Deep, Interlude, I Always Get... (check out Jim and Steve Bucket rocking their pants off on this one); then, I Don't Have To Try, Runaway and a little piece of He Wasn't that we missed above.

TBD Tour, Macao, China - Sep 28: "He Wasn't" recorded from the screen. The beginning and the end.  Watch Jim baby at the end.

TBD Tour, Fukuoka, Japan - Sep 23: Almost entire "When You're Gone". Avril is in fabulous voice. Very good quality of sound and video and quite a few Jimmy close-ups. Very cool. 

TBD Tour, Osaka, Japan - Sep 21:  "Runaway" and Jim on the big screen most of the time. He messes up the lyrics when Avril stops singing but then he redeems himself. What do you do - shit happens. Oh and a little piece of "He Wasn't" - from the screen again.

TBD Tour, Osaka, Japan - Sep 20:  "In Too Deep". Just watch the big screen on the right. Cool, eh? We are on a mission to find a longer and better version.

TBD Tour, Osaka, Japan - Sep 20:  A shaky "Runaway" with bad sound to boot, shot from the big screen. But... worth seeing as Avril lets Jim singing on his own. Plus lots of closeup shots of Jim.

TBD Tour, Nagoya, Japan - Sep 17&18:  The first video is from the acoustic set (parts of Hot and "When You're Gone"); on the second one are some highlights and the beginning and the end of "Skater". Watch Jim from 0:45 - 0:55.

TBD Tour, Nagoya, Japan - Sep 17: "In Too Deep"- almost the whole song. Jim is a very energetic ant on the lefthandside but his high harmonies are like, wow!

TBD Tour, Nagoya, Japan - Sep 17: The entire "In Too Deep" with Deryck on lead. We didn't have the heart to chop it off, it's a very cool, professionally shot video, with excellent sound. And we simply love the song. Flashes of Jim throughout the video, and of course, the high harmonies. That guy can really pull them off!

  Music Station TV, Japan - Sep 2008: "The Best Damn Thing" - just the Jim bits only again. It's panning like mad anyway. The band is not playing live but Jim seems to be having fun anyway!

TBD Tour, Singapore - Sep 07: Beginning of the show (Intro to "Girlfriend") and Jim having a "geeky" moment. The band sounds  impressive.

TBD Tour, Singapore - Sep 07: "The Best Damn Thing" or parts there of. The Jim ones  of course. And another geeky Jim moment.

and TBD Tour, Singapore - Sep 07:  Pieces of "He Wasn't", Skater and "Everything Back But You".  On that last one, you can see Jim and Steve jamming and, of course, "Let's hear for my guitar player, Jiiiiiiiiim!!!"

  TBD Tour, Singapore - Sep 07:  Jim and Avril having a lot of fun during this rendition of "Hot".

TBD Tour, Manila, Philippines - Sep 03: "Hot" - a bit shaky but close and Jim is in shot all the time. Good enough for us!

  TBD Tour, Singapore - Sep 07: Entire "Losing Grip" with perfect sound, clear picture albeit a wee shaky; shot from a Jim-perfect angle.

  TBD Tour, Singapore - Sep 07:  "My Happy Ending", Complicated, Hot and "Losing Grip" - all Jim parts. Hope you like it!

  TBD Tour, Singapore - Sep 07:  "He Wasn't" - the beginning and the end. The most important parts for us, the Jimmy fans.

  TBD Tour, Singapore - Sep 07, 2008: Highlights (w/ Jim of course!) from "He wasn't" and "I Don't Have To Try"

  TBD Tour, Seoul, S. Korea - Sep 01:   Yeah, yeah, another video from the back row, but will give you an idea of the acoustic set and the "Runaway" bit. 

  TBD Tour, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Aug 29:  "Everything Back But You": Jim and Steve jamming and Avril introduces the band. Jim goofing off as per normal. 

  TBD Tour, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Aug 29:   All those clips maybe shot from a far, but the sound is really great and will give you and idea of the show.  Jim had great fun as you can see.

  TBD Tour, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Aug 29: A few pieces of "He Wasn't" just to show how much fun the crowd and Avril had - and we assume the band too. The video shot from way back, but the sound is really good.