The Best Damn Tour 2008 - North America


  E! News 22-Feb-08 : As we can see, Avril and the band are rehearsing for the upcoming tour - it is  starting in less than 10 days!!! Thanks Brian!

Vancouver - Mar 07

TBD Tour, Vancouver, BC - Mar 07: The beginning of the show as recorded by yours truly. A short one but hey, it's front row and it's a very steady hand. 

TBD Tour, Vancouver, BC - Mar 07: Jim having some fun later in the show during the remix of "Girlfriend".

TBD Tour, Vancouver, BC - Mar 07: "Losing Grip" from Jim's side of course. This little acousic segment is praised by all the critics.  

TBD Tour, Vancouver,BC - Mar 07: Intro to "He Wasn't". Jim is  in front, following Avril as she pumps up the crowd. One of the highlights of the show. (sorry about the size guys, we got excited and we f-ed up the camera settings)

TBD Tour, Vancouver, BC - Mar 07:  "He Wasn't"  and Jim totally rocking out. We had hard time keeping him in focus at the end. Awesome stuff.

TBD Tour, Vancouver,BC - Mar 07: "My Happy Ending". Check out  Jim at the beginning. thumbs_up.gif   wink.gif For a smaller and crisper version click here.

TBD Tour, Vancouver,BC - Mar 07: 90% of "I Can Do Better" and 99% Jim. If you wish, reduce the video size to 1/2 for crisper video. 

TBD Tour, Vancouver,BC - Mar 07: A segment of "I Always Get What I Want" and totally grooving Jim. 

TBD Tour, Vancouver,BC - Mar 07: A piece of "Complicated" from front row. It's only 26 sec - but that Jim from close. Did we say front row? cheeky.gif  angel.gif 

TBD Tour, Vancouver,BC - Mar 07:  "Complicated". As Jim said, that's one of his favourite songs to be performing with Avril, "such a sing along" (his words!)
TBD Tour, Vancouver,BC - Mar 07: "Innocence". Another sing along, although not into the mic. Jim was obviously into the performance, and Avril sings like nobody's business. Make sure you check it out! 

TBD Tour, Vancouver, BC - Mar 07:  Full version of "I'm With You". Well almost, sorry about the few missing moments of the second verse. All of it Jim. Well,  of course. 

TBD Tour, Vancouver, BC - Mar 07:  "Mickey" and Jim totally grooving into it.

TBD Tour, Vancouver, BC - Mar 07:  Jim totally goofing off during the introduction of the band. Credit  to sunfired, despite the screwed up camera settings.

TBD Tour, Vancouver, BC - Mar 07:  "Don't Tell Me", recorded with our hot little hand. Watch Jim flash us a smile around 00:19 Just kidding! But it was pretty cool.

TBD Tour, Vancouver, BC - Mar 07: "Runaway". A video we recorded. And f... ooops!... screwed up.  Well, we were excited! Note to self: Never film sideways! Impossible to convert.

TBD Tour, Vancouver, BC - Mar 07: Jim playing a little solo on the interlude before "My Happy Ending". A bit short, a bit fuzzy, but... all Jim.

Kelowna - Mar 09

  TBD Tour, Kelowna,BC - Mar 09: "Hot" and Jim looking at one of us. thud.gif 

  TBD Tour, Kelowna,BC - Mar 09: Acoustic version of "Hot" from Kelowna

  TBD Tour, Kelowna,BC - Mar 09: "Losing Grip" and Jim looking at the other one of us.  

  TBD Tour, Kelowna,BC - Mar 09: Intro to "He Wasn't". Now, this is more like it. Jim owns. No wonder he is the Musical Director. Awesome stuff. 

  TBD Tour, Kelowna,BC - Mar 09: Jim playing a rhythm guitar solo (yep, there are those as well!) And having fun. So were we. That "OW!", that's one of us - that's how hyped we were.  

    TBD Tour, Kelowna,BC - Mar 09:  "I Wear The Pants", "I Always Get What I Want" and "Runaway" respectively. 

TBD Tour, Kelowna,BC - Mar 09:  "Runaway" w/ Jim and Avril on drums (cough...). But it was one of the highlights of every show we attended. "Okay, Jim!" We recorded it sideways so it lost a bit of quality rotatiing it. For smaller, crisper version, click here

  TBD Tour, Kelowna, BC, Mar 09:  "Mickey". Avril showed that she couldn't care less that some music critics said that "Girlfriend" sounded dangerously like Toni Basil's 80's hit. Jim has great fun as usual.

  TBD Tour, Kelowna, BC, Mar 09: "Don't Tell Me"  - a very heartfelt performance by Jim and Jim's killer smile at the end. Another thud.gif

  TBD Tour, Kelowna, BC, Mar 09: "Always Get What I Want"  - Jim totally rocking out. rockon.gif

  TBD Tour, Kelowna, BC, Mar 09:  Avril introduces the band during "Everything Back But You" and Jim enjoying himself. 

  TBD Tour, Kelowna, BC, Mar 09:  "I'm With You"  - notice how Jim reacts to Avril singing flat... But then it improves. Cool to see how much actually Jim sings.

  TBD Tour, Kelowna, BC, Mar 09:  "Innocence". We already posted the Vancouver version, so here is the Kelowna one for good measure. Jim is REALLY into the song.  

Various Shows

  TBD Tour, somewhere in NA, Spring '08 :  Avril introduces her backup dancers and the band. Notice the prominent Jim intro...   

  TBD Tour, Chicago,IL - Mar 21:  The end of "Runaway" and Jim is goofing with Avril. They have a great rapport, don't they?   

  TBD Tour, Chicago,IL - Mar 21:  Jim jamming with the boss. Awesome sh... um stuff, trust us

TBD Tour, Chicago,IL - Mar 21:  "Losing Grip" with Jim peeking behind Avril. Too good quality to discard.

TBD Tour, Chicago, IL - Mar 21:  Jim and Avril performing "Mickey" and having a lot of fun.

TBD Tour, East Rutheford, NJ - Mar 30:  Jim highlights. This  is what megafan2000 wrote about the show on YouTube:  "Oh by the way, turns out I was standing next to Jim's mom during the whole show (pretty cool, huh). I found out a few songs earlier when Avril acknowledged Jim and Steve (Fekete) as Jersey boys". You can actually see that moment right at the beginning of this composite video clip we made. Avril even says hello to Jim's mum.

TBD Tour, East Rutheford, NJ - Mar 30:  Our second Jim highlights video. This must have been a special show for Jim, w/ his mum in the audience. You can also hear him really well - especially on "Complicated".

TBD Tour, East Rutheford, NJ - Mar 30,:   The band intro. We already posted this one from the same show. So this is another angle of the same thing. Just a reminder - this is a special show. Jim's mum was in the audience. And we all know how Jim feels about that. :)

TBD Tour, Montreal, QC - Apr 02:  "Don't Tell Me". Jim is a bit obstructed with the mic stand - but still cool video. Converted from the video posted on, so... thanks! 

TBD Tour, Montreal, QC - Apr 02:  "I Am With You" with nice zooms on the Steve's in the band and of course Jim. Cool that Avril fans notice the band too.

TBD Tour, Montreal, QC - Apr 02:  "Hot". A bit shaky but still good. Thanks for whoever took this video.

TBD Tour, Uniondale, NY - Apr 11:  Another "He Wasn't" with lost of closeups from Jim. Professionaly shot video. Just to whet our apetites until the TBDT DVD. Not long now!

TBD Tour, Uniondale, NY - Apr 11:  "Runaway", another Jim gem from the show.

TBD Tour, Uniondale, NY - Apr 11:  "I Always Get What I Want" and Jim and Avril on fire. Rodney too. Actually everybody on stage.

TBD Tour, Uncasville, CT - Apr 12:  The beginning of the show as recorded by Zach (thefreakclown on You can see Jim's silhouette and hear him ripping that guitar of his.

  TBD Tour,Uncasville, CT - Apr 12 : A very short piece of Complicated. Ten seconds or so, but the quality of the video was too good to discard.

TBD Tour, Uncasville, CT - Apr 12:  Now the end of the show again recorded by zach. We think this is pretty awesome. You can see and hear Jim making a lot of noise. And actually this is the first time we saw what Avril does at the end of the show. Take a wiiiiild guess why.wink.gif 

  TBD Tour, Manchester, NH - Apr 13: "Mickey". Jim is obviously having fun. Watch him at the end. LOL! Yeh, yeh, the screaming is annoying.

TBD Tour, Fairfax, VA - Apr 15:  "A little medlef from the acoustic set: "Hot", "Don't Tell Me" and "Losing Grip"

  TBD Tour, Hiladgo TX - Apr 24: Some highlights of the show.  Shot from way, waaaaaaaaaaay back, but the sound is good, and the camera is not shaky.

   TBD Tour, Hiladgo TX - Apr 24: "Runaway" and "He Wasn't". Another ant-like Jim, but you can occasionally see him on the big screen and yeah... good, solid, steady video, with good sound. Avril sings really well too.

TBD Tour, Somewhere in the USA - Aug '08:  Very sweet video (albeit short) - where Jim's vocal just shines. The song is "When You're Gone".

TBD Tour, St Luis, MO - Jul  22:  "He Wasn't", "blink and you'll miss 'im" Jim, but Avril is playing up with her guitarists, plus Steve Fekete is funny.

TBD Tour, St Louis, MO - Jul 22: The second part of "Losing Grip" where Jim sings backing vocals. Nice and crisp.

TBD Tour, St Louis, MO - Jul 22: A small piece of "Everything Back But You" and the introduction of the band on a smaller set as Avril was "opening" for JoBros. Yeah yeah, you need a magnifying glass to see our Jimmy but it's a very crisp and steady video with good sound.

, TBD Tour, St Louis - MO, Jul 22 : Pretty neat albeit from a afar. Let's see: We have "Girlfriend" and "I Can Do Better" - and Jim looks way cool wearing sunnies (or so we think!) and then we have Skater. Jim stands a lone figure on the wing of the stage, we thought that was cool too. The second clip is "Runaway" - where you can see how much Avril relied on Jim being there and singing so she can take a breath. Pretty fucking awesome if you ask us. We are talking Avril effing  Lavigne.

 TBD Tour, St Louis, MO - Jul 22 : Short clip made of 3 ballads: I'm With You, Complicated and When You're Gone.

 TBD Tour, St Louis, MO - Jul 22 : "Don't Tell Me" - almost the whole song. Again, you can hear Jim a lot better than you can see him. The sound is really good.

   TBD Tour, Indianapolis, IN - Jul  23:  A mix of "I'm With You" and "Skater" as well as full versions of "My Happy Ending" and "Hot", respectivelly, all of good picture quality and sound and plenty of Jim.

  TBD Tour, Hartford, CT - Jul  26:  "When You're Gone", like in the good "old" days (read Jim is not hidden by the pink piano). If you're wondering where Avril is - she is that white blob in front of Rodney's drums.

   TBD Tour, back East - Jul/Aug '08: Highlights of the Hartford, CT and Saratoga Springs, NY shows. Notice Jim fussing about something on the first video (1:13 into the clip)

TBD Tour, Sudbury, ON - Aug 05:  "In Too Deep", Jim performing the popular Sum41 song with Mr. and Mrs. Whibley.  Or... Ms. and Mr. Lavigne.  We are oh-so-funny, eh? Anyway - very very cool performance.

TBD Tour, Toronto, ON - Aug 06:  "Runaway", crappy sound, but the picture is HQ, plus Jim is cracking up... 

  TBD Tour, Toronto, ON - Aug 06:  "I Can Do Better" - not much Jim but boy, his guitar makes some serious noise!

  TBD Tour, Toronto, ON - Aug 06:  "In Too Deep", in its entirety. Very good quality, both the clip and the performance, and Jim is in shot ALL the time, having fun. Very cool video, despite the odd aspect ratio.

 TBD Tour, Monkton, NB - Aug 09 : "Hot". All Jim, all the time.

 TBD Tour, Monkton, NB - Aug 09 : "When You're Gone"  Lots of  Jim. Don't miss the end, Avril is cute.

   TBD Tour, Halifax - NS, Aug 10: Highlights of the show. The first clip comprises of  "Runaway" and "I Don't Have to Try" - basically closeup of Jim. The second one is "When You're Gone" and "Hot".

<> TBD Tour, Somewhere in Canada - Aug '08:  A very good quality video clip of the "Hot". Check out Jim while Avril is doing the intro...

 Nokia Productions Special Event, LA - Oct 14: Highights from Jim's last concert w/ Avril. Strictly for the record: the quality is pretty bad, so keep your shirt on. You can hear Jim really well at the end, during "Holding On" 

 Nokia Productions Special Event, LA - Oct 14: "Runaway" and vocally indisposed Avril on drums, pretty much lets Jim sing the chorus. The end is very cool though. Watch Jim on the big screen.