Jim McGorman on Rockstar Supernova  (2006)


To Zayra ("Jenny"):
"You've already done the rearrangement thing..."
  Video clip

To Zayra ("Everybody Hurts"):
"We are not an orchestra!"  Video Clip

To Dilana ("Roxanne"):
"It doesn't feel like anyone else is doing anything..."
Video Clip

Lucas wants to rearrange "Let's Spend The Night Together"
Video Clip

Ryan is micromanaging the band Video Clip

Zayra "sings" "You Really Got Me" (listen at own peril!)
 Video Clip

Dilana wants to do a country version of "Behind Blue Eyes"
 Video Clip

Fun Stuff

Jim sinks it from the baseline,
video clip courtesy of MSN Rockstar

Duet with Dilana - "Time After Time" Video Clip

... and props he got for for it...  Video Clip

Another duet with Dilana "Behind Blue Eyes"
Video Clip

With Patrice - "Remedy" Video Clip

With Phil - "One Headlight"  Video Clip

With Patrice - "Helter Skelter" Video Clip

With Storm "Pinball Wizard" Video Clip