Rockstar Iceland Clips (2006)

Rockstar Supernova TV show finished on Sep 13, 2006. But it wasn't completely over. What followed was Rockstar Iceland, two sold out concerts in Reykjavik, Iceland. Those were on Nov 30 and Dec 1, 2006 in honour of Magni Ásgeirsson, who was a Rockstar Supernova contestant and became Iceland's favourite son. Most of the Rockstar Supernova contestants were there; the Houseband and Jim, of course. During those few days, they were all treated like rock royalties. Not sure if Iceland made a national holiday from Magni's birthday but were are sure that they were close to it.

 Jim and Rafa rocking out on "Smells like..." in Reyk

 Another view of the same moment(courtesy of Pollyanna from forum )

 Groovin' on Superstition in Reyk (courtesy of Pollyanna from forum )

Goofing with Dilana before "Time After Time" in Reyk

"Time After Time", performance with Dilana. Awesome stuff.

Crying shame there is no better video of this; but waaaaaaay back in 2006, a grainy, 360p video was considered a bleeding edge. That's why we added a few effects. But you get the idea of Jim the Rockstar