The Paul Stanley Tour (2006)

"One Live Kiss" DVD: Paul Stanley introducing Jimmy. Gotta love the guy (Paul S) and his sense of humour.

, "One Live Kiss" DVD:   "Detroit Rock City" and "Good Bye". The second one has a nice little "4 guitarists" segment.

"One Live Kiss" DVD:   "Lift". A nice little clip with lots of Jim shots.

"One Live Kiss" DVD:  Jim highlights (well... more like flashes) from  "Love Gun" and "I Want You". Gotta love Paul S: "Man, we better finish this song..."

"One Live Kiss" DVD:   "I Still Love You" and "Strutter"

,   "One Live Kiss" DVD:   "Every Time I See You Around" and the Kiss classic "Do You Love Me". Full segments. Jimmy singing on the bridge of the first one and jamming with Paul and Raffa (and in heaven, we presume) on the second one. Awesome stuff.

"One Live Kiss" DVD: "Tonight You Belong To Me", "Lick IT Up" (wow!) and especially "Wouldn't You Like To Know Me" - with a nice little Jimmy segment.

"One Live Kiss" DVD:   "Got To Choose", "Move On" and "Bulletproof" -
the Jimmy highlights.

  "One Live Kiss" DVD:   "Live to Win" and "A Million To One" - Jim parts  only.

"One Live Kiss" DVD:   40 secs of "Magic Touch", Jim parts only. Well, of course.

"One Live Kiss" DVD:  Entire Kiss classic, "Hide Your Heart" as performed by Paul Stanley and the Houseband w/ Jim on guitar and vocals. Watch around 2:20 for a few secs of Jim and Raffa jamming.

Live to Win Tour w/ Paul Stanley, Ft. Lauderdale - Oct 23: A few Jimmy snippets from the show.

Live to Win Tour w/ Paul Stanley, Irvin Plaza NYC - Oct 26: Two short segments of Jim rocking out on Bulletproof and Lick It Up. Thanks ArmdNDangerous @photobucket.

 "Lick It Up".  You can see Jim rocking on far left

Highlights from the Orlando show.

Jimmy jamming with Paul

Jimmy jamming with Paul - again
Jimmy rehearsing for the tour

The four guitarists of the band

On stage with Paul Stanley

Jim performing "Bulletproof" with Paul and Sasha.