W/ Avril Lavigne - North American Promo 2007

  Jingle Ball, somewhere North America - Dec '07:  A bit unusual video taken from backstage. The end of "Hot" and the beginning of "I'm With You" 

 and  KISS 108 Jingle Jam '07, Boston, MA - Dec '07 (online broadcast): "My Happy Ending" and "I'm With You".

 and  KISS 108 Jingle Jam '07, Boston,MA - Dec '07 (online broadcast): "Skater Boy" and "I Can Do Better".  Watch Jim on "Skater Boy" especially! cheeky.gif (Yep, we spelled "Sk8ter Boi" wrong!)

 and  KISS 108 Jingle Jam '07, Boston, MA - Dec '07 (online broadcast): "Girlfriend" and "Hot".  Pretty cool performances. 

 and  KISS 108 Jingle Jam '07, Boston, MA - Dec '07 (online broadcast): "Complicated" and "All The Small Things".  A few glimpses of Jim, but his voice is there

 Z100 Jingle Ball 2007, Portland, OR - Dec '07: "Kashmir". You can see Jim on the left really gettin into it. Quite cool actually.  

 and  Best Buy store grand opening, Burnaby, BC - Dec 02: "When You're Gone" again but a bit closer albeit shakier as well as "Hot" in that cold weather. (Whatapun, eh?)   

 Best Buy store grand opening, Burnaby, BC - Dec 02: "When You're Gone". Awesome performance. Jim and the guys from the band probably needed to defrost their hands after this show.  

 Best Buy store grand opening, Burnaby, BC - Dec 02: "Don't Tell Me".  A very cool outdoor ::shudder::  performance, considering the BRUTAL weather conditions in mild Vancouver. Jim is in a hoodie, far left. 

 Best Buy store grand opening, Burnaby, BC - Dec 02: Avril trying to get the crowd to sing carols. You can see Jim cracking up in the background.

Best Buy store Grand Opening, Burnaby, BC - Dec 02: A piece of "Girlfriend", but that's not why we posted it. Check out what Jim (bless him!)  is doing on far left.

Best Buy store Grand Opening, Burnaby, BC - Dec 02: A medley of pieces of "Hot", "When You're Gone" and "Skater".

  UNICEF 'UNITE AGAINST AIDS' Concert, Bell Centre,  Montreal.  QC - Nov 28: "All The Small Things" and "Skater". Shaky at the beginning, but then it improves. Also, not much Jim, but it's a rocking performance, everyone has a blast! For a better, Quicktime version, click here

 "Live @ The Roxy Theater:   Just a little teaser of the acoustic concert which will start streaming on MSN on Nov 29. Looks very promising! ROFL.gif 

 The Dancing With The Stars  - Nov '07: "Hot". Not as much Jim as we would like, but still pretty cool.  Thanks kitt5000 again smile.gif 

 American Music Awards - Nov '07:  WOW. A sizzling performance of "Hot" - Jim is shown almost as much as Avril. On national TV. Did we say WOW? Thanks kitt5000 for the HD grab. (If you have problems watching this - let us know)

 LiveNation Acoustic show, Whisky A Go Go, LA - Nov '07: Av introduces her band and has some really nice words to say for Jim. smile.gif 

 and  LiveNation Acoustic show, Whisky A Go Go, LA - Nov '07: " Girlfriend" and "Sk8ter Boi" (sigh). Quite a bit of Jim. thumbs_up.gif 

 LiveNation Acoustic show, Whisky A Go Go, LA - Nov '07:   Awesome performance of "Hot". And... How dare she??? angry.gifcheeky.gif

 MSN Control Room" - Oct '07: Tomorrow" - again Jimmy's vocal shines from the back row.      

 MSN Control Room - Oct '07: Acoustic "Sk8ter Boi" (wow - never thought to hear that one!) - but it's pretty cool. Interesting how much Al sings. And Jim (goes without saying!) 

 MSN Control Room  - Oct '07: "Losing Grip" another Jim packed video clip. jim.gif 

 MSN Control Room - Oct '07: "Keep Holding On" and Jim's vocal that just shines. Another duet with

 MSN Control Room - Oct '07: Another fabulous performance of "Hot". Forgive us out bias, but why is Jim sitting in the back row when he is singing the second lead?  

 MSN Control Room - Oct '07: "Hey, hey, you, you..." again, but it's really good acoustic performance of "Girlfriend" with LOTS of Jim scenes.

 MSN Control Room - Oct '07: An awesome performance of "Complicated". The camera loves Jim. But hey, he sings the most. Next to Avril of course. ack2.gif 

 MSN Control Room - Oct '07: A haunting, heart stopping, breath taking cover of Sarah McLachlan's "Adia". Just Avril and Jim and Steve.

 and  Avril in Mexico, MTV Canada:  "Can I get a couple of centipedes while we are at it?" (ew!) and vocalising with Avril. Very cool! Thanks Jacqscupid. 

  and  MTV Latin America Video Awards - Mexico City - Oct '07: "Girlfriend" and "When You're Gone". Lots of moving camera shots, dim lighting and about .01 seconds of Jim in the first one, but you can at least hear him! 

  and    Canadian Idol Finale - Sep '07: "HAWT" and "When You're Gone". Amazing stuff. Jim does a pretty damn good job on backing vocals. nod.gif 

 Fashion Rocks - Sep '07: "Girlfriend". Not much of Jim, but he looks really cool in leather. And it's a really, really animated performance by Avril. Thanks Brian. Again.

 Live with Kelly and Regis - Sep '07: "When You're Gone" Thanks Brian. 

 MTV TRL - Sep '07: AMAZING acoustic performance of "When You're Gone" - and AGAIN lots and lots of Jim shots. Thanks Kitt5000 from celebutopia. 

The Late Show w/ David Letterman, Sep '07: Another fabulous performance of "When You're Gone" - and lots and lots of Jim shots. Thanks Jaqscupid. Here is just the end of the show which we thought was hilarious. And another version of the same clip. Thanks Romu.

 Teen Choice Awards 2007 - Aug '07: Avril and the band and the dancers (egad!) performed "Girlfriend". Not much Jim on the screen - but fun performance nevertheless.

 KISS FM 106.1, KISS Party  - Aug '07: A little LQ video of highlights of Avril's performance. Jim looks like an ant - but hey, it's still Jim. "

 Sympatico/MSN - Jun '07: Performance of "Everything Back But You". Also you can find the performance of "Hot" here. Jim is not shown on the latter (just his guitar) but you can hear him alright! Especially on the final chorus.  

 Sympatico/MSN - Jun '07: A rockin' version of "Girlfriend" 

 Sympatico/MSN - Jun '07: "When You're Gone". For your downloading pleasure. Fantastic studio performance. Too bad Jim didn't sing on Av's new album.

 Last Call w/ Carson Daly - Jun '07: Jim baby had a lot of fun on this one. Watch him share a moment with Avril on the first chorus of "When You're Gone" and watch the very end ::wink:: Thanks d-a-n_ru and pinpin.

 Last Call w/ Carson Daly - Jun '07: A very cool performance of "Hot". It was recorded in June 07 but shown on TV for the first time on August 7th. Enjoy! Thanks Brian. You rock! 

 Much Music Video Awards, Toronto - Jun '07: Mrs. Whibley, Jim and his bandmates rock their pants off on "Girlfriend". Jim's mic is up and you can hear him very well. HQ video - thanks Phoenix. 
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson - Jun '07: Not so much of Jim this time, but Avril's haunting, heartfelt performance of "When You're Gone" is every bit worth checking this clip. Thanks Brian.

 The Late, Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson - Jun '07: "Hot". Avril was a wee indisposed, but Jim was in top form. Very cool stuff. Thanks Brian!

 The Tonight Show w/ J Leno - Jun '07: Another absolutely awesome duet of Jim and Avril on "When You're Gone". No closeups of Jim - which is a crying shame as he looks way, way cool in sunnies.

 The Tonight Show w/ J Leno - Jun '07: Another rocking performance of "Girlfriend" WOW! This was shown only online, so this is a LQ clip from Jay Leno's webage.

 Maxim's Hot 100 (Jimmy Kimmel) - Jun '07: Jim from the hood performing on top of the Pontiac building in NYC. Maybe he will tell us how it was to sing and play in the pouring rain. You need Quicktime 7 ro see this. Thanks Damn_Cold_Night.

 A&E Private Sessions - spring '07: "Sk8ter Boi". Jim sans shades, but he is still rocking. Thanks Brian!

 A&E Private Sessions - spring '07: "Everything Back But You". Another tight performance of Jim, Avril and the band. Check out Devin's cool little solo. (Sorry Jim! cheeky.gif)  Thanks Brian  

 A&E Private Sessions - spring '07: "I Can Do Better". A very energetic Jim on guitar and backing vocals. Well of course! We owe you one Brian notwothy.gif 

 A&E Private Sessions - spring '07: "When You're Gone". We can't and not admire Avril for hitting those high notes. Apologies that the sound lags just a tad, but we are not from Hogwarts! wink.gif  (thanks for the link nighty!)

and A&E Private Sessions - spring '07: "Girlfriend" and "Complicated". Direct links to the clips on A&E TV site. LOTS and LOTS of Jim closeups and boy, can you hear him or WHAT. Awesome stuff.

 Stripped, Raw and Real: "Skater Boy" (sorry Avril! peace.gif ) A few nice shots of Jim grooving and generally enjoying himself :)

 Stripped, Raw and Real: "I'm With You". Nice duet with Jim :) 

 Stripped, Raw and Real: "I Can Do Better" this time. Not many closeups of Jim but you can hear him :)

 Stripped, Raw and Real: Very energetic performance of "The Best Damn Thing" (go Rodney!) Watch the first chorus where Avril stops singing and Jim is left on the limb singing high harmony :cP 

 Stripped, Raw and Real: A rockin' performance of "Girlfriend". Love the synth, Steve!   

 Stripped, Raw and Real: Another fabulous  performance of "When You're Gone" with Avril. Check out the blended close ups on the chorus

The View - May 28: HQ clip (pre-recorded). Jim performs on Girlfriend (thanks to Brian from bandaids) 

  The View - May 28: HQ clip (pre-recorded). Another fabulous performance of "When You're Gone" (thanks to Brian from bandaids)

 Jimmy Kimmel Live from NYC - May 16: Another, albeit LQ video clip. Sk8er Boi in the pouring rain. Gotta feel sorry for...  Jim's guitar.  

 Jimmy Kimmel Live from NYC - May 16: Awesome, HQ video clip. Another rocking (and wet!) performance of Girlfriend w/Avril and the guys. Avril is a real trooper - you must admit.  Love the camera angle! :cP Courtesy of Brian from bandaids  

 Yahoo! Nissan Live Sets:  "I'm With You" 

 Yahoo! Nissan Live Sets:  "When You're Gone" 

 Yahoo! Nissan Live Sets: More Jim on "I Can Do Better"   

 Yahoo! Nissan Live Sets: Jim is on fire here - "Sk8tr Boi" 

 Yahoo! Nissan Live Sets: Another rockin' performance featuring Jim on "Girlfriend" 

 Yahoo! Nissan Live Sets: Even more of Jim! He's having a great time! We wonder if he knows those fun and infectious dance routines yet?  "The Best Damn Thing" 

 Yahoo! Nissan Live Sets: Another energetic performance featuring Jim!   "Everything Back But You"

 Teen Nick - Apr 22: HQ video. How much does the band know about Avril? Jim is sitting pretty solemnly in the background :cP - but still very cool video to watch. (Courtesy of Brian from bandaids)

 Teen Nick - Apr 22: HQ video. A really, really good performance of "When You're Gone" (Courtesy of Brian from bandaids)

 Teen Nick - Apr 22: HQ video. Maybe you are sick of "Hey, hey, you, you..." but hey... it's a fun performance for the kiddies and LOTS of Jim closeups. (Courtesy of Brian from bandaids)

 Fuse TV - Apr '07: "When You're Gone". A really cool performance. You can find "Girlfriend" from the same show here

Fuse TV - Apr '07: LQ video. According to Jim, this was a very fun performance. Here is a  mp4 version as well.

 Ellen DeGeneres - Apr 20: HQ video. Watch Jim re-introduce himself to Ellen :cP  (Courtesy of Brian from bandaids) 

Live with Regis & Kelly - Apr 19: HQ video :c).  (Courtesy of Brian from bandaids)

 Late Show With David Letterman - Apr 19:  No Jim close-ups... but close enough! :c) (Courtesy of Brian from bandaids)  

SNL - April '07: Jim's "christening of fire" on American TV in Avril's band: "Hey, hey, you, you, ... " :cP (courtesy of punkyavril from avrilbandaids) 

SNL - April '07: "I Can Do Better". Jim is actually on fire on this one! Reminds us of his "Rockstar" days. (courtesy of punkyavril from avrilbandaids) 

SNL - April '07: The end of the show. GREAT to see Jim in front and so much enjoying himself with his bandmates. (courtesy of punkyavril from avrilbandaids) 

Avril Lavigne: Live AOL Music Sessions, spring 2007: "I'm With You" - a haunting duet of Avril and Jim. One of those songs in which everyone can find their own meaning. wink.gif

CBC AL Special - April 02: HQ "The Best Damn Thing" courtesy of Nighty, Balage & Avrilbit. Another Jim-worthy video clip :c)

CBC AL Special - April 02: HQ "My Happy Ending" courtesy of Nighty, Balage & Avrilbit. Jim is featured vocally (and visually :cP) A LOT.

CBC AL Special - April 02: HQ "Runaway" courtesy of Nighty, Balage & Avrilbit. Check out Jim singing guys. Awesome, awesome stuff.

CBC AL Special - April 02: "I'm With You" - one of the best ballads ever written (at least in our book). Jim on backing vocal and guitar.

CBC AL Special - April 02: "Complicated" - Avril's breakthtrough song.