With New Radicals 1998/1999

  Top of the POPS TV show, UK, w/ New Radicals - 1999: "You Get What You Give", of course.  Jim is playing keyboard, singing and bopping his ass off on the right. There are many closeups of Jim's hands on the keyboard.

Channel 4 UK, TFI Friday Show  w/ New Radicals - 1999: A nice little combo clip of Jim performing... well of course: "You Get What You Give". It's Jim parts only, but... pretty cool if you ask us.

Nickelodeon, All That Show w/ New Radicals - 1998:  "Get What You Give" - almost the entire song (all the the important parts are there). Nevermind the fact that it's filmed from the TV screen, it's clear and the sound is good. Jim enjoys himself to the max, and you can see another two mates of his (Brad Fernquist - guitar and Sasha Krivtsov - bass)

Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno, w/ New Radicals - 1998: A precious video of Jim playing k/b, singing backing vocals to Gregg Alexander and totally rocking out during "Get What You Give" on Leno. Jim shakes hands w/ Leno so make sure you watch to the end.

Jim w/ New Radicals - 1998: A little Jim part of "Can't Get Enough" with New Radicals. For the whole clip click here!