With Michelle Branch 2001/2002

Video Clips

 Everywhere video

 All You Wanted video

TV Shows

 Everywhere, Conan O'Brien Show:  Pretty neat. Jim baby is there fear not, rocking out as usual.  He just shows up from 30 secs in the clip onwards.

 Everywhere, Pepsi Chart: A truly amazing and very energetic high quality clip of Jim on the Pepsi Chart Show with Michelle Branch.

Everywhere, Good Morning America: Another awesome performance.

  Everywhere, Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno 

  Everywhere, Japan Promo: Performed on two TV shows during the promo in Japan. Well, Michelle is lip synching and the band is miming - but, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Everywhere, Late World w/Zach: LIVE this time, performed as an outtro to the show.

Suspicious Minds, Good Morning America - Aug '02: Pretty cool cover of the Elvis classic. Jim on backing vocals, looking really cool.

  All You Wanted, MTV TRL:  A very young (not that he is old now!) and energetic Jim.

 All You Wanted, Last Call w/Carson Daly:  What does a guitarist do when he has nothing to do?

 All You Wanted, Tonight Show w/Jay Leno:  With Jay looking surprisingly like Ryan Phillippe.  Hmmm... Anyway, very cool performance.

 All You Wanted, Kelly and Regis Show: Sun, sand, palm trees, and The Bahamas, pretty darn cool! Thanks Luke! 

 All You Wanted, Kelly and Regis Show : Another cool video with Jim multitasking. And no,  he is NOT picking his nose! Thanks Luke.

 All You Wanted, Late World With Zach: Check out a 2002 retro video of Jim performing with Michelle Branch that has never been posted on our site before!

 All You Wanted, Tonight w/ Jay Leno: A pretty amazing treat! Jim performs (on the grand piano!) a beautiful acoustic version of "All You Wanted"  with Michelle Branch.  A video clip you don't want to miss out on!

 All You Wanted, Live On Fox 

 All You Wanted, Rosie

  Goodbye To You, Last Call with Carson Daly  

 Goodbye To You, Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno: Another stellar moment as Jim performs "Goodbye to You" with Michelle Branch on Jay Leno.  Lots of Jim -- both seen and heard throughout the performance!

Endfest, Rochester NY,  Aug 18, 2002

 Goodbye To You - Michelle "kicks the band off stage" and starts the song solo - but the band comes back. Thanks Luke! 

 Everywhere - Another cool and energetic performance.  Thanks Luke!  

 Tell You About It - And Jim rocking out on keyboards!!! Thanks Luke!  

 All You Wanted - Check out Jim singing, jumping around, visiting his bandmates  and having fun in general. Thanks Luke!

 Sweet Misery - there are obviously some technical difficulties - but still cool. Thanks Luke!

You Get Me - One of Jim's favourite songs. Thanks Jim! kiss.gif

Opening for Lifehouse in Las Vegas

 Something To Sleep To, A very rare concert appearance where Jim can be seen and heard so well!


 All You Wanted, Check out Jim fussing at the beginning. No wonder - is he multitasking or what: playing guitar, keyboard, singing. rocking out...  

 You Set Me Free   

Pantene Pro Voice Concert - 2002


 If Only She Knew: Features Jim on both keys and guitar during another classic performance from 2002!

 All You Wanted

Get What You Give:  Parts of the New Radicals'  "Get What You Give" performed by Michelle and Jim. Jim is on fire and sings all the time; backing vocals of course and lead from 1 minute into the clip onwards. He sounds awesome too. Here is the whole song - Jim owns it.

Live at Slims, San Francisco

   Goodbye To You, Here W/ Me and Everywhere. Check out the end to see Jim blowing kisses to the crowd. kiss.gif  Thanks Luke! 

 All You Wanted: Jim is hidden at the beginning, but then video improves, we promise! Thanks Luke!

Get What You Give:  The whole clip of the cover of The New Radicals'  "Get What You Give" -  you can see Jim on keyboard between the posts, far left (when the camera goes that way) - but he sings all the time.  

 You Get Me (live)

Universal City Walk, Los Angeles

  A piece of Here With Me, a funky little number. Jim is playing keyboard, singing, grooving and generally enjoying himself. 

 Everywhere : Jim playing up Michelle during the bridge.  Thanks Luke! 

  Jim sauntering across the stage after the show. Love the red jeans man!redxdance.gif Thanks Luke! 

European TV Shows

 Everywhere, Interaktiv TV show, Germany: No, your eyes are not deceiving you. :)

All You Wanted, another Interaktiv TV show, Germany: Michelle, Jim and the band are lipsynching their heads off, but no matter, lots and lots of Jimmy closeups. 

Everywhere, GMTV UK -  Mar 2002: Many, many great shots of Jim. Unusual angles too. cool.gif

Everywhere, CD UK - Mar 2002: Great shots of Jim rockin' with Michelle during the bridge

Everywhere TOTP UK -  Mar 2002: with Michelle Branch

  Everywhere RTL - Mar 2002: with Michelle Branch


 Pontiac, MI  - Four short homevideo clips of 4 songs (Everywhere, I'd Rather Be In Love, You Get Me and Get What You Give) put together. Notice the last one, must have been fun for Jim to remember his New Radicals days. Thanks Luke.

Party In The Park, UK - 2002: "Everywhere", Jim (in sunnies) parts only, edited from the  full video which is on YouTube if you want to see it. Pretty cool performance.

 "Jim McCormick" Michelle Branch in Trenton, NJ 

Behind the Scenes of All You Wanted video shoot