Exclusive interview with Jim

January  2012

Jim - past and future

K&M: Looking back on 2011, what would be some of your highlights from the year that you remember the most?

Jim: Europe with my wife, Italy with Avril and the guys, touring in South America (especially Rio), visiting the Big Buddha in China and the Macy's Day Parade (even though I didn't actually play).

K&M: You know we love your single “Girls”. You received tons of positive feedback from many fans.  Did you receive any feedback or comments from music industry peers about the track? If so, what did they say about it?

Jim: In all honesty, I did not play it for anyone I know in "the industry".

K&M: How was your song “Here” selected to be in the movie White Irish Drinkers?

Jim: The music supervisor for the film told me about the scene and the type of song they were looking for, and I played him Here and he loved it. The producer and director loved it as well and they put it in the film.

K&M: We note you had a number of other band projects in the past, could you tell us more about The Days and TV Nation?

Jim: I had always been in bands my whole life - and enjoyed the collaboration. Those projects were with some of my best friends and favorite musicians. But the busier you get, the harder it is to keep a band together - it takes a lot of work!

K&M: A few months ago you wrote a fabulous piece for Berklee Today Magazine.  Any upcoming articles on the horizon we can expect to see written by you?

Jim: I am about to submit another pitch this month - I'll let you know if it gets in somewhere.

K&M: Two part question: Plans for 2012 and will it include any new Jim McGorman music?

Jim: Take a vacation!!!! I have a few songs already completed that will be coming out this year. I am excited for everyone to hear them!! In fact, I will be doing a radio interview with the Jimmy Star show on Wed. Jan 18th and will be debuting one of the songs then!

Music industry

K&M: The music industry seems to be changing that includes artists turning themselves into franchises such as sponsorship of concerts, merchandising. Labels appear to be pushing artists into becoming media companies.   How do you feel about this? Good or bad for the industry?

Jim: I don't really have a strong stance on it. Sometimes I feel that if you are too wrapped up in other things, how much time and attention are you placing on the music??? It just seems that artists are so involved in so many things that have nothing to do with writing and performing great music, I wonder how the records would sound if they weren't so busy with other things. That's why I commend John Mayer for quitting twitter. He realized it was wasting a ton of his time and taking focus away from his music.

K&M: With the growth of the digital age, do you think CDs will be around in five years?

Jim: Unfortunately, probably not. I haven't purchased one in a while and I don't see a reason for them to come back in style unless they come up with a great reason not to download.

K&M: In 1995, you graduated from Berklee with a degree in Audio Engineering and Production. Fast forward to 2011 and consider what you have learned through the years. What advice would you give a student graduating with your same degree on how to remain competitive and employed in the music business?

Jim: Just be a sponge. Learn about everything. Learn multiple DAWS (Pro Tools, Logic, LIVE, Cubase, etc.) Know MIDI and how to string up a guitar and tune it. Learn studio etiquette : know when to speak up and when to shut up. Have confidence without being cocky.

K&M: Do you think the live music scene (and concerts) have been positively or negatively affected by the ease of access to music online through ITunes and subscription services such as Spotify?

Jim: The more outlets you have to get noticed, the better chance you have of getting people in the seats.


K&M: What  song made you want to get into music?
I don't think there was just one.

K&M:  What song reminds you of your first girlfriend ever?
Jim: Good question. It might be Never Say Goodbye by Bon Jovi

K&M:  What song was played at your wedding?
Jim: Caribbean music!!! We were in the islands and pop music did not really play a large part of it.

K&M:  What song reminds you of the Rockstar TV show?
Jim: Any song we ever played on the show reminds me of the show. Time After Time might be s standout.

K&M:  What song makes you want to turn up the volume?
Jim: All good songs should be played loud!

K&M:  What song you never want to perform again for whatever reason?
Jim: I'll never tell.......

K&M:  What song would you like to be remembered for?
Jim: I'm not sure I'm old enough to answer that - hopefully I still have a lot of music to create - that being said, I just wrote one that might be in top few - and I will release it this year.

K&M:  Favourite country song – if you have one?
Jim: As I have mentioned before, I don't have one favorite anything

K&M: An interview with would not be complete without our traditional “IPOD Shuffle” questions. Take your IPOD and tell us the first three songs that come up.


The Best Damn Band

K&M: A question about Avril’s band members.  We know you met Steve Fekete through Berklee College of Music.  Before joining Avril’s band, did you know Al Berry, Ferlazzo, and Rodney Howard?

Jim: I did not know the other guys before joining the band.

K&M: In the past 5 years you guys have travelled across all 5 continents. Have you ever taken a wrong flight or missed a flight?

Jim: We've never taken a wrong flight, but Fekete missed a connection once this year and we all barely missed a flight in Heathrow in 2007.

K&M: Who’s always on time and who is always late?
Jim: Ferlazzo is always early. Fekete is always late.

K&M: Who has the most annoying habit?
On the advice of counsel, I decline to answer.

K&M: Who’s the most easy going?
Jim: Everyone is pretty easy, otherwise they would have been gone a long time ago.

K&M: Who’s the computer wiz in the band?
Jim: Ferlazzo.....not even close

K&M: Who’s the neatest? Conversely, who’s the messiest? (that is, if you’d like to dob anyone in!)
Jim: Al is the neatest by far.

K&M: Who is the best traveller? (i.e. doesn’t complain much)
Jim: On the advice of counsel, I decline to answer. Maybe Fekete?

K&M: Anyone in the band has some hidden talent?
Jim: All of us have hidden talents, but Al might have the most.

Just for fun

K&M: If you could choose to have dinner with people (real or fictional) who would you invite and why?
Jim: Brian Eno - just to be around his brilliance. Eckart Tolle - same reason


K&M: How do you plan on spending the Christmas holidays this year?
Jim: With family at home.

K&M: We absolutely love Christmas so we have to ask this question.  Have you ever considered writing your own Christmas single or album? 
Jim: I love Christmas and would love to do a Christmas song!