With Avril Lavigne - Euro Promo, Summer  '07

 TF1 Star Academy Show, Paris - Nov '07:  "Complicated". Jim is an ant in the background, so don't get too much excited. This is for Rodney fans and so you see how effortlessly and how well Avril sings. LIVE. smile.gif 

 TF1 Star Academy Show, Paris - Nov '07:  "When You're Gone". Not much Jim, but awesome performance nevertheless.   

 TF1 Star Academy Show, Paris - Nov '07:  Jim is having fun before the performance of "When You're Gone". Wish we could see Av's face...  

 MTV Europe Music Awards '07, Munich - Nov '07:  Awesome performance of "Hot". Just listen to Jim singing in the second part of the song. Amazing.

 MTV Europe Music Awards '07, Munich - Nov '07:  Jim and his boss in the audience while Nelly Furtado (another Canadian! smile.gif) gets up to receive an award.

  B1 Club concert, Moscow - Oct '07:   Full version of "When You're Gone" (well almost!), steady camera and good sound and you can see Jim.

  and  B1 Club concert, Moscow - Oct '07: Two different clips of "Don't Tell Me" - on short one full song. For a change, Jim is in shot all the time. Enjoy! wink.gif 

 Russian MTV Video Awards - Oct '07: Ah, we so, SO wanted to think of a clever caption for this one. "Jim and his edible pics"? cheeky.gif Nahh... But we hope you enjoy it. smile.gif 

  and  B1 Club concert, Moscow - Oct '07:   "When You're Gone" - two different (short) clips. The first is really cool - Jim sings backing vocals to the audience; really neat. wink.gif 

  and  B1 Club concert, Moscow - Oct '07: A little piece of "Skater" and "Everything Back But You" each. Watch Jim have fun on stage. wink.gif  

  and    Russian MTV Video Awards - Oct '07: "When You're Gone" and " and "Girlfriend". Lots of Jim shots - especially on WYG.  They sounds GREAT!

 Wetten Dass...?? TV show, Switzerland - Oct '07: A very good performance of "When You're Gone". No Jimmy close-ups but he is in fine form (as always). The end of the clip is very VERY cute.  smile.gif 

 Russian MTV Video Awards - Oct '07: Fantastic performance of "Complicated". Check out the beginning. wink.gif

 Rome Rock Festival - Rome, Italy - July '07: Avril introducing her band and Jim showing off his "Cry Baby".

 Masstival, Istanbul, Turkey - July '07: "When You're Gone". Not much of Jim, just his shadow in the darkness and the guitar - strictly for the record. 

 Masstival, Istanbul, Turkey - July '07: A performance of "Girlfriend" interrupted  here and there with the interview with Avril -  but hey, still cool. Avril seems to be a really shy kid.

Moon and Stars Festival, Locarno, Switzerland - July 07 :  Parts of "When You're Gone".  Avril and Jim are lipsynching their hearts out, but that's what it is, it's what the producer wants. Happens all the time in Europe. Still pretty cool.

 Opernplatz - Frankfurt, Germany - July '07: Only 25 secs of performance of "Complicated" but there is a cool Jim moment there worth seeing. We think! 

 Stadtpark - Hamburg, Germany - July '07: "Get What I want". Yep, the quality is crap, but it's so freaking cool!!! Here is another version. Here is the full song. And another version - full song again.  

 Stadtpark - Hamburg, Germany - July '07: Jim, in a world of his own, rocking out to a Led Zeppelin classic. Yeah... the dancers... but you must admit that the band sounds awesome.  

 Stadtpark - Hamburg, Germany - July '07: Snippet of Jim performing "Runaway" with Avril. You can hear him very well.   

 C4 UK, The Friday Night Project - July '07: Jim performing for the first time, Avril's third single, "Hot". Thanks snoop.  

 BBC Saving Planet Earth - July '07: Very nice, very green and feast for the eyes. Thanks Madonion007.  

 Europacentar Mall, Berlin - July '07: Home video of acoustic "Girlfriend" and  "When You're Gone". 

and Viva Live TV show, Germany - July '07: "Girlfriend" and "When You're Gone" acoustic. Jim and Devin accompany Avril (Steve helps out too). We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Simply awesome. Thanks d-a-n_ru! 

 Sommarkrysset, Sweden - June '07: "When You're Gone". Almost no Jim, but cool setting and performance. Actually - here is the only "Jim moment" in HQ. wink.gif  

and  Hotel Arena, Amsterdam, Netherlands - Jun '07: A couple of short clips converted from YouTube. Typical for Jim on the first one.wink.gif. For more links - check out our News section.

Factor X, Spain  - June '07: "When You're Gone". Cool performance, as always. 

 La Fete de la Musique, Paris - Jun '07: The first appearance of the second European Promo tour with Avril. Lots and lots of Jim closeups. Awesome camera work. Thanks d-a-n_ru.