With Avril Lavigne - Euro Promo, Spring '07

  Chanel 4 UK - Mar '07: "When You're Gone" (absolutely haunting) and "I Can Do Better" (for good measure). Jim's mic is up - you can hear him very well. A few good closeups too. Crystal clear little video clips.

Chanel 4 UK - Mar '07: "Everything Back But You" - a very energetic performance, Avril in fine voice and a few very good closeups of our Jimmy.

Chanel 4 UK - Mar '07: Ah finally! Live Performance of "Girlfriend"  Thank you broadbandrew from bandaids!

Recording for Radio 1 UK  -  Mar 18: If you can't find Jim, look for his Trailer Trash pedal board.

The Scala, London - Mar 19: Jim rocking out (not DANCING, mind you! :) far left in on "Girlfriend"

 MTV Paris - Mar 25: A piece of "I Am With You" with a few cool Jim scenes. You can hear him sing too. Courtesy of ant2000

MTV Paris - Mar 25: "I Can Do Better"

 MTV Paris - Mar 25: "Sk8ter Boi". Hate the spelling folks, but nevertheless AWESOME performance - with a few cool Jim scenes.

MTV Paris - Mar 25: Jim grooving with Avril on "Best Damn Thing". Courtesy of

MTV Paris - Mar 25: Check out the guy in red during MTV Paris performance of "Girlfriend". Courtesy of

MTV Paris - Mar 25: Jim walking accross the stage after the concert. Courtesy of For larger clip click here.

 Taratata Show France - Mar 26: Some nice scenes with Jim during "All The Small Things". Courtesy of

Taratata Show, France - Mar 26: "Girlfriend", a fun little number and... 

 Taratata Show France - Mar 26: Jim after the show.  Courtesy of

 Taratata Show France - Mar 26: Check out Jim singing "Message In The Bottle" during soundcheck. So effing cool. Courtesy of 

Mcfit Fight Night in Cologne, Germany - Mar 30: Check out a few good (albeit short) closeups of Jim. Courtesy of 2much4u of avril bandaids.