Exclusive Interview with Jim

December '09
Jim's Work

K&M: Tell us who you worked with this year.
Jim:   Cher, Goo Goo Dolls, Weezer, Avril Lavigne, Adam Rader, Bek Phillips (Dear Daddy), The Awesomeness...


K&M: At this time of year many people look back on the year just past and reflect on their personal achievements and objectives accomplished.  From 2009 and in your musical career is there one particular achievement that stands out for you? If so, could you share which one?

It’s always hard to say one particular thing - but looking at my answer to the last question, it feels pretty good to have worked with such a diverse group of people this past year. Also, finishing The Awesomeness record was big. It is always difficult for me to “actually finish something”. So, that feels great.

K&M: Tell us what’s in McStore for 2010?

I’ll be playing with Avril on support of her new release. Also, 2010 will show the release of several projects that I produced in 2009 - including Bek Phillips, (hopefully a Jim McGorman solo record) and The Awesomeness.    

Music in General

K&M: Unfortunately 2009 has brought the loss of many of your heroes. Did you ever have the chance to meet Michael Jackson or Les Paul?

Unfortunately no.

K&M: Stemming from that and we know it is difficult to pick favorites. Which Michael Jackson songs would you say are some of your favorites?

Wanna Be Startin Something - Human Nature - PYT


K&M: What band/artist did you see as your first concert ever?
Jim:   Technically, I think it was Shawn Cassidy. But some of my earliest were Hall N’ Oates and Stevie Wonder.

K&M: What band or band(s) would you love to see reform and tour again?
Jim:   Journey with Steve Perry.

K&M: Listed below are singers/bands that Kim and Marica (collectively or individually) love, don’t like or are indifferent to. What do you think of them? Just a couple of words would do, but if you want to elaborate, by all means go ahead!
  • Matchbox Twenty - They’re OK.
  • U2 - Love 'em. One of the greatest bands of all time.
  • Keith Urban - Don’t know his music too well.
  • Dave Mathews Band - Not a huge fan.
  • Duran Duran - Love 'em.
  • Miley Cyrus - eh
  • The Beach Boys - Have some classics. Defined a sound.
  • Van Halen - badasses
  • AC/DC - badasses
  • Pearl Jam - Never got into them.
  • Jonas Brothers - no
  • Coldplay - Great
  • Bon Jovi - Back in the day - amazing - not digging the newer stuff.
  • Def Leppard - Hysteria is one of the greatest records ever.
  • Sammy Hagar - Great
  • Journey - Awesome
  • Guns N’ Roses - Love a few songs, but not entire records.
  • David Cook - eh
  • Soundgarden - eh
K&M: Would you work for or collaborate with musician(s) who you do not respect (musically or personally)
Jim:   If you want to make a living as a musician, you will not get too far if you refuse to work with ANYONE.

K&M: Least favourite music genre?
Jim:   Things without melody and chord changes.

K&M: It’s been suggested that Van Halen, prefers no brown M&M’s and Michael Buble recently requested one “local team hockey puck” on their tour riders. For Jim McGorman, if you were listing your “must haves” on a rider, what general items would you request?  Also what unusual items would you include?  (come on, fess up!)

Jim:   I like English Breakfast tea, with milk and sugar (truvia actually - trying to cut back on the sugar) - in a big Starbucks mug.

K&M: Okay, fun question, this is our random iPod shuffle question! Take your iPod and search at random. What are the first three songs that come up?


  1. If You Were To Wake Up - Lyle Lovett
  2. War On War - Wilco
  3. U Got The Look - Prince

The 80's

K&M: We know that the 80’s are a huge inspiration to you, so here are a few retro 80’s questions, just for fun.
Everyone and their gold fish, including you and us, consider the 80's the best music era. Why is it the best music era?

To paraphrase Chris Rock - “the music you listen to when you first start having sex is the music you’re gonna love for the rest of your life”. The music of the 80’s had a lot of melody and unapologetic hooks. There was also an element of fun and experimentation with the newly developed synthesizers and drum machines. 


K&M: Can you pick one (or 2 or 3…) songs that best represent what the 80’s were?

Tough question...
  • Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Tears For Fears
  • Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
  • I Can’t Go For That - Hall N’ Oates

You have to agree that Thriller is in the top 5 albums ever made, not to mention in the top albums of the 80’s.  What are the other four top 80’s albums?


  • Hysteria - Def Leppard
  • Bruce Springsteen - Born In The USA
  • U2 - The Joshua Tree
K&M: Which John Hughes movie is your favorite?
Jim:   Tie between Weird Science and Sixteen Candles

K&M: Favourite 80’s movie?
Jim:   Love 'em all!

K&M: Favourite 80’s TV Show?
Jim:   So many......Who’s The Boss, Bosom Buddies, Cheers, etc.


K&M: The 80’s of course is all about fashion. Thinking back to that time, what would you say your personal style was in terms of clothing and fashion?

Bon Jovi videos will give you the answer.


K&M: Recently Michael Vick joined your beloved Eagles. Your thoughts on that? Should sport fans forgive anything after a touchdown?

I was pretty upset at first, but I am accepting it now. Though some things are seemingly unforgivable, I am trying my best to reserve judgement.

K&M: We know your love for American football runs deep. Have you ever followed or watched any Canadian football?

As you probably know in Canadian football it’s a bit different in terms of size of field, number of downs etc..
Sadly, I haven’t watched much of it. 

K&M: Least favourite sport?
Jim:   I’m not a huge fan of boxing. Ironically, I like movies about it. 



K&M: How do you plan on spending the holidays this year?
Jim:   Relaxing and spending time with family.

K&M: When was the last time you celebrated a White Christmas?
Jim:   It’s been a while. 

K&M: At this time of year, it’s quite common for owners to give a little something to their pets. Do you buy a present for Sammy?

I’m sure Janey (Jim's wife) will get her something. 

K&M: Most expensive present you have ever gotten for Christmas?
Jim:   I may have given myself a guitar one year - hehehe...