With Cassadee Pope - 2015

Pandora Women In Country, The Altman Building, NYC - Oct 14, 2015  - A  video we made from Instagram snippets. Nobody takes proper camera to concerts anymore :( But this is still cool, and we can finally hear Jimmy singing!

NBC Today Show - Oct 13 2015 - A very cool performance of Cassadee's new single Invincible. We only wish Jim had a chance to sing more.

    Warren County Fair, McMinnville, TN -
Sep 17, 2015 -
The first one is a piece of Good Times and the second one is highlights from the show (the latter has  excellent sound albeit it's shot from the sky)

Sugar Fest 2015, Clewiston, FL - April 11, 2015 - Wasting All These Tears. Thanks to Chris Nyholm for this cool video. 

Sugar Fest 2015, Clewiston, FL - April 11, 2015 The entire Cinematic.  Very energetic performance. Thanks to Kyle T. on YouTube.

Stagecoach, Indio, CA - April 25, 2015 - A cool composite video (albeit recorded from the TV screen) from Cassadee's festival performance.

Anderson County Fair, SC - April 30, 2015 Highlights from the show. The sound is a bit dodgy, but the picture is cool and everyone seems to be having a lot of fun.

May 2015 - Wasting All These Tears. We had two little movies which we didn't have the heart to dicsard despite Jim looking the size of an ant . So we put them togehter. Not half bad, eh?

Bayou Country Superfest 2015 - Baton Rouge, LA - May 25, 2015 - I Wish I Could Break Your Heart. Looks like it's shot from China, that's how far the stage is; but it's kinda cool and the sound is awesome. You can see Jim here and there on the big screen.

Yuengling Bands and BBQ Fest - Dayton, OH - May 31, 2015 - Three  Instagram movies, put together. Sorry about the sound on the last one.

WCCO Mid-Morning - Minneapolis, MN - June 02, 2015 - Wasting All These Tears acoustic. Very good performance. Jim's part starts here.

Country Summer Festival, Santa Rosa, CA - June 07, 2015 - It's only 30 seconds or so - but totally worth having a look at: A few bars of Steve's solo on "Hotel California" and Jim's dreamy vocal on "I Wish I Could Break Your Heart"

CMA Fest, Nashville, TN - June 13, 2015  - Some Jim and the band highlights from the show. Sorry about the sound on some parts :(

CMA Fest, Nashville, TN - June 13, 2015  - Hotel California in its entirety.

CMA Fest, Nashville, TN - June 13, 2015  - Parts of "I Wish..." and "This Car".

    Big Barrel Festival , Dover, DE - June 26, 2015
Hotel California and Wasting All These Tears - GREAT sound albeit not so great video, but Jim is in shot all the time.

Mohegan Sun Wold Den, Uncassville, CT - June 27 - Let Me Go and Invincible - two news songs. Jim in an out of shot. Some nice backing vocals.

  FarmBorough Festival , Randall's Island, NY - June 28, 2015 - Composite video with parts of I Wish... and Wasting... and very enthusiastic crowd.

  KMLE 107.9 - Phoenix, AZ - July 07, 2015 Short snippet of "I Wish..." and a bit longer snippet of  "The Edge Of A Thunderstorm" - the latter sounds amazing.