With Avril Lavigne - Asian Promo, Summer  '07

 SummerSonic, Tokyo, Japan - Aug '07: A really cool performance of "He Wasn't" Avril works the huge crowd really well.

  and    SummerSonic , Tokyo, Japan - Aug '07: "Losing Grip" and "My Happy Ending" Only a few brief Jim moments. But he is there. He sings. A LOT. cool.gif 

 SummerSonic , Tokyo, Japan - Aug '07: We know. "Girlfriend" again - but this is a really cool and crisp video clip and you can hear Jim.  Don't blink around 3:48. 

 Av concert, Hong Kong, China - Aug '07: Blink 182's "All The Small Things". Enough of Jim to see he's having fun! The band is fantastic. Av sings in the audience. Pretty cool.  

 Av concert, Hong Kong - Aug '07: "I Always Get What I Want". Check out Jim rocking out - far left. Credit to whoever filmed it (we really can't keep up guys sad.gif )

 Av concert, Hong Kong - Aug '07: A piece of "I Am With You" and Jim on backing vocals and acoustic guitar (with Devin). Awesome singing by the crowd too. From YouTube - kennyli215

  TBDT Promo, Hong Kong - Aug  '07: Now, entire "I'm With You" - from another angle, crisp clear with a good sound.  Can hear Jimmy baby really well. Double the video size, it's even better.

 Av concert, Hong Kong - Aug '07: A pretty neat 9 minute video that gives you a feel how it was. The acoustic part starts at 5:56 but pay attention to about 6:45. Av's guitarists had a lot of fun! From YouTube bastardj86 (geeze...)

 Av concert, Hong Kong - Aug '07: "Don't Tell Me" from front row. A crisp clear video clip recorded by Novem! Thanks Novem - you're a doll.

 Av concert, Shanghai, China - Aug '07: A piece of "Hot" - you can clearly see Jim behind Av. If you have Real Player - right-click here to download a HQ version of the same clip. Or whatever you do if you're in Mac. Enjoy!

 Av concert, Shanghai, China - Aug '07: A piece of "I Always Get What I Want". Watch the end thumbs_up.gif 

and Av concert, Shanghai, China - Aug '07: Two different clips of Blink 182 cover "All The Small Things".  Jim is having a lot of fun. Oh if you wish to see a really cool video of that cover - just go here - the video on top. 

 Av concert, Shanghai, China - Aug '07: "I Can Do Better". At the beginning Jim is in the middle visiting Al, and then... watch him on the far left.

 Av concert, Shanghai, China - Aug '07: "Girlfriend". It's only, like, 30 secs - watch Jim while Av is rapping.

 Av concert, Shanghai, China - Aug '07: "Everything Back But You". Forget the chaos on the stage. Watch Jim.

 Av concert, Shanghai, China - Aug '07: It's short (only 30 sec), it's LQ, but it's really cool. Jim performing "Don't Tell Me" acoustically. With Avril and Devin. 

 SummerSonic , Osaka, Japan - Aug '07: A very cool, up and fun "Girlfriend". Very enthusiastic crowd.  Don't blink around 42 secs into the clip. And check the size of that venue!!!  

 Music Station TV, Tokyo - Aug '07: Keep your shirt on - not much of Jim here, but the performance of "When You're Gone" is so freaking good - we had to post it. That kid can sing. Thanks Yuko!

 Mezamashi TV, Japan - Aug '07: Check out this fantastic acoustic performance of "When You're Gone" with Avril and Steve from today. Check out the end, it's quite funny... 

 SmapXSmap Guest TV Show, Japan - Aug '07:  Av and the band perform "Girlfriend" with the Japanese pop band Smap. Kudos to them all for not ending up ack2.gif Although Jim was pretty close. Maybe he can tell us about this wink.gif 

 SmapXSmap Guest TV Show, Japan - Aug '07: A very solemn (well compared to "Girlfriend" on the same show -  it is!) performance of "When You're Gone".