With Avril Lavigne - TV and Other Videos 2008

 The Best Damn Thing video:  Jim, Avril and the gang rock their pants off. One of the most fun videos we have ever seen. Credit to whoever recorded it and ripped it, it made our day today!

 The Juno Awards, Calgary, AB - Apr 06 '08:  Avril and the band performed "Girlfriend". Too bad you can't really hear Jim, his mic seemed to be on low.

     Live w/ Regis & Kelly - Mar 31 '08:  "The Best Damn Thing", "I Can Do Better" and the interview respectively. Jim is smokin' on the first two and you can really hear him. The interview, oh yeah, another one for the "What does a guitarist do when he has nothing to do" collection.

 Live w/ Regis & Kelly - Mar 31 '08:  Regis is oh-so-funny. Jim McKlein? Naaah.